Otte sets a condition for giving up his candidacy

Status: 01/26/2022 3:25 p.m

Max Otte has offered to give up his AfD-backed candidacy for president if the Union nominates its own candidate. He is leaving his position as chairman of the Union of Values.

Values ​​union boss Max Otte wants to give up his candidacy as the AfD’s federal presidential candidate if the union parties send their own candidate into the race. In this case, he would “waive out of respect for my party,” said Otte in a video distributed on the Internet.

Otte wants to take action against party expulsion

He also announced that he would defend himself against his exclusion from the CDU. For the time being, he wants to let his office as chairman of the Union of Values ​​rest.

In a press release distributed by the Union of Values, Otte wrote that he would suspend all “party-political activities” until after the elections in the Federal Assembly in February. He made this decision “out of respect for the office of the Federal President and his dignity”.

Otte sees himself as a Christian Democrat

Otte rejected the allegation by the CDU leadership that he was behaving in a party-damaging manner with his candidacy for the AfD. Rather, he sees his application as “pro-democracy behavior” because it bridges gaps between the parties, he said. He continues to see himself as a Christian Democrat.

The CDU leadership had withdrawn the 57-year-old’s membership rights with immediate effect on Tuesday as a consequence of his candidacy for the AfD. In addition, a procedure to exclude Ottes from the party was initiated. CDU general secretary Paul Ziemiak said that Otte would be “provisionally excluded with immediate effect and until further notice” until a party court made a decision on the case.

The CDU had decided not to nominate its own candidate, but to support incumbent Frank-Walter Steinmeier at the Federal Assembly.

Mitsch: Dissolve the union of values

The founding chairman of the Union of Values, Alexander Mitsch, called for the Union of Values ​​to be wound up. “After the election of Friedrich Merz as CDU chairman, the union of values ​​​​should now be dissolved in an orderly manner,” he told the editorial network Germany. “The members who are interested in an economically liberal and more conservative policy should get more involved in the CDU/CSU.” Mitsch described Otte’s candidacy as an AfD candidate as “unacceptable”.

Deputy CDU leader Silvia Breher defended the decision to exclude Otte from the party. Anyone who thinks they have to cooperate with the AfD does not belong in the CDU, she said RBB. In addition, Otte opposed the party’s decision to support Steinmeier’s candidacy.

There is a “firewall” between the CDU and the AfD, and this was shown by Otte’s exclusion, said Breher.

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