Melissa Klug explains why she gives her daughters so much freedom: “They have to live their own life”

Melissa Klug responds to a user who asked her about the freedom she gives her daughters. (Photo: Instagram)

businesswoman Melissa Klug He took a few minutes to engage with his followers through his Instagram stories when he asked them to ask him any questions they want. This happened while he was waiting for his flight to Cancun on the morning of January 26.

After several questions, a user did not miss the opportunity and surprised Jefferson Farfán’s ex by consulting him about the freedom his daughters have. “How do you give your daughters so much freedom?”, can be read on that social network.

The “Blanca de Chucuito” did not hesitate to respond and, together with a collage of photographs where she appears next to each of her three daughters, explained the reason. Melissa began by clarifying that Samahara Lobatón, Gianella Marquina and Melissa Lobatón are already of legal age.

“My daughters are already of legal age and although that does not define their maturity, I give them all my trust and my support for any situation that may arise”, reads the first few lines of his message.

He also pointed out that the three have the right to make mistakes and then learn from their own mistakes and continue to grow as good women.

“They have to live their own lives, making mistakes is allowed, but correcting them in time for their own good is mandatory for them to be good women”, he concluded.

Photo: Instagram
Photo: Instagram

Let’s remember that Melissa Klug became a mother when she was still a teenager. The chalaca became pregnant with her first daughter Gianella Marquina when she was only 14 years old. In her participation in the remembered program El Valor de la Verdad, she said that her first-born’s father was 26 years old when he got her pregnant.

I got pregnant at 14 to 15, I received my fifteen-year-old pregnant, I was in the third year of secondary school. I knew that I could not return to my school because it was parochial, the director was a priest”he explained back then.

After a few years, the businesswoman became pregnant again with Abel Lobatón. Fruit of their love, they had two daughters whom they named Samahara Lobatón and Melissa Lobatón. Currently the three have already reached the age of majority and Samahara is the mother of a little girl.

It should be noted that Melissa Klug also has two sons with soccer player Jefferson Farfán. The two met in November 2005 and after several years of living together, their first son, Adriano Farfán Klug, was born. Later she becomes pregnant again with her last child, Jeremy Farfán.


In September 2021, Melissa Klug Y Jesus Boat They surprised their followers by announcing that they got engaged after a year of relationship. After several months of mystery, “Blanca de Chucuito” revealed some details of her marriage during the América Hoy program.

The 37-year-old businesswoman confessed that she will marry the soccer player in 2022 or 2023. The month is not yet confirmed. Likewise, they asked her which group she would prefer to hire, if Yahaira Plasencia y Orquesta, Gran Orquesta Internacional or Son Tentación, Melissa indicated that she would not hire any Peruvian band, since her wedding will take place on a foreign beach.

Although she did not give more details about her relationship with Jesús Barco, Melissa Klug indicated that the 24-year-old soccer player is a detailed man and that she is deeply in love with him. In addition, he pointed out that he is thinking of enlarging the family. “I would love to be a mother again. If it’s this year or next year, welcome. It is when God wants, the truth. If it comes, it comes now”, he expressed.


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