Lotte Department Store workers march in front of the main store

– The Lotte Department Store branch of the general service union started a protest in front of the Lotte Department Store head office in Jung-gu, Seoul on the 25th, requesting a meeting with the representative of the Lotte Department Store business division.

– The union is demanding the abolition of the annual salary system, which can reduce the base salary, and the abolition of the performance-oriented personnel system.

– The union criticized the union saying, “From 2021, if the lower grades are accumulated three times, the basic wage will be reduced by 3 to 10% and all allowances included in the ordinary wage will be cut.” I did.

– The union emphasized, “We will not stop the sit-down until the interview is completed,” and emphasized that “the Lotte Department Store business division head should feel responsible and faithfully participate in the interview with the labor union.”

Candidate Jae-yeon Kim, “Construction companies using tricks to avoid the Serious Disaster Punishment Act”

– Progressive Party presidential candidate Kim Jae-yeon has been touring construction sites in the metropolitan area since the 19th, appealing for the support of construction workers.

– On the morning of the 25th, I visited a construction site in Paju, Gyeonggi-do.

– Candidate Kim said, “When I was working as a member of the 19th National Assembly, I wanted to make a law with construction workers under the name of the Corporate Murder Punishment Act. included,” he recalled.

– He criticized, “It is questionable whether the law, which lacks more than what we were trying to make with our own hands, can be followed. I did.

– An increasing number of construction companies are stopping construction from the 27th, when the Act on Punishment of Serious Disasters came into effect, saying that they were avoiding the actual ‘No. 1 accident site’.

– Daewoo E&C said that it will start the Lunar New Year holiday from the 27th, and Hyundai E&C set the site environment day and left only the minimum manpower. Lotte E&C will take two more days off after February 2, when the Lunar New Year holiday ends.

– Candidate Kim appealed for the support of construction workers, saying, “We need to elect someone who wants to go into politics on the workers’ side.”

– Even after the law goes into effect, we will continue to urge the revision of the Act on the Punishment of Serious Accidents and the enactment of the Special Act on Construction Safety.

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