Learn all about ASMR, an internet trend that brings together sexual themes, sleep disorders and more

ASMR is a hobby that is not only used to relax and sleep, but for other purposes that you will learn about in this note. (photo: Giamour Mexico)

The Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response (or ASMR, for its acronym in English), it is a sensory-relaxing effect that occurs in the brain after soft acoustic stimuli, such as a voice or rain, which has been compared to the effect that a massage can have and even with the feeling of a “mini-orgasm”.

If you tend to scroll through videos on YouTube, TikTok it is included Instagram, you may have come across someone who only whispers, videos that sound like crumpled paper, showing hands cutting soap or lathering on their microphones, that at first impression may seem simple but strange. It is a trend that has been around the world for more than 10 years.

The issue is that many people associate these sounds only to sleep; but, ASMR is much more than that, there are users who have this experience with sexual purposes, to deal with severe issues of insomnia and even pedagogical.

What is ASMR and why do people like it so much, or don’t they feel anything?

As already mentioned in the first lines, ASMR stands for Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response in Spanish. To make it more understandable, the auditory stimuli run through the entire body with a powerful sensation of chills from head to toe, which can also be accompanied by images to reinforce the effect.

“I understand that ASMR has been around for over 10 years. However, thanks to digital platforms it has gone viral. Asmr has become an easily accessible therapy for all people”, affirmed for Infobae, Diego Velezmoro, ASMRtist in his YouTube channel Y tik tok account with more than 15,100 and 271,000 followers, respectively.

ASMRtist are called people who do this type of broadcast

The main reason Internet users give to explain why they consume this content is because “ASMR is very relaxing.” And that’s also the best explanation for not looking like a weird person if someone catches you watching a video of someone making pleasant sounds, which can even be mistaken for something sexual.

They are usually slow paced videos, that show relaxing images and sounds, who manage to spread peace. And many people with sleep disorders or insomnia turn to them because it helps them fall asleep.

But, Is ASMR always satisfying for everyone? The answer is no. Subjects likely to experience these sensations were those with fewer functional connections and greater connectivity between the occipital, frontal and temporal cortex.

Also, people who view this content and experience euphoric feelings they have high rates of emotional instability and are open to new experiences. At the same time, they have low levels of extraversion.

ASMR with a microphone and a makeup brush.  (photo: MyComputer)
ASMR with a microphone and a makeup brush. (photo: MyComputer)

Choosing to be an ASMRtist is it a job or a hobby

Many people may believe that, just as at the time being a youtuber was not considered a profession or job, being an ASMRtist was not either. But, according to Diego Velezmoro, being an ASMRtist is a lucrative hobby. One can start earning money at any time depending on the number of followers that you have on a certain platform, whether Tiktok, YouTube, Twitch, etc.

In the case of the tiktoker, it began to generate income from the second month, when the followers began to increase. The amount of money one can earn will depend on the popularity of the ASMRtist.

Of course there are people who are dedicated 24/7 to performing ASMR. But nevertheless, Diego performs live on TikTok from Sunday to Thursday, usually from 8 ó 9 p.m.

Official TikTok by Diego Velezmoro.  (capture: TikTok / Diego Velezmoro)
Official TikTok by Diego Velezmoro. (capture: TikTok / Diego Velezmoro)

These are the most sought after sounds, feel free to experiment with one

– Chewing food.

– Suck on an object or food.

– Put shaving cream on the microphone (a plastic is first put on the latter)

– Use a makeup brush on the microphone

– Usar sprays

– Very soft and whispery voices.

– Hits on all types of surfaces.

– Sounds of movement of the hand or face.

– Repetitive noises from tasks such as turning pages, typing on a computer, knocking on wood, among others.

Woman doing ASMR with her mouth and a lollipop.  (Photo: YouTube/ASMR With Sasha)
Woman doing ASMR with her mouth and a lollipop. (Photo: YouTube/ASMR With Sasha)

What tools do you need to be an ASMRtist?

Although the best ASMR practitioners use professional (and expensive) equipment, this is not a requirement. It’s less about the device and more about how you use it to provoke tingling sensations in your listeners.

“First of all you need to have a good microphone. I know people who do ASMR with ordinary headphones with a built-in microphone and they have an established following. It’s like a low budget ASMR. However, I think it is better have a professional microphone since it is more visually enriching and the audio quality is better” Velezmoro comments.

So all you need to get started is:


– microphone

– Editing software

To produce the feeling of relaxation in your listeners, it will definitely depend on the great imagination that you have when trying one product or another.

The trick to perform ASMR with foam on the microphone.  (photo: YouTube/Ana Muñoz)
The trick to perform ASMR with foam on the microphone. (photo: YouTube/Ana Muñoz)

ASMR consumption is not just for relaxation and sleep

The main goal of ASMR is to relax; but clearly for tastes, colors. The derivatives to experience different experiences depend on the people themselves and their preferences.

Some only enter videos where they make classic sounds with their mouths; others will consume ASMR where they use the typical brooch to do makeup, but there will also be people who are sexually inclined, such as dealing with serious insomnia problems and even, for pedagogical issues with children or children.

Therefore, they will present 3 little-known preferences of people but that today are very consumed by the ASMR public:

– Sexual and erotic themes

This niche has gone viral as two streamers on Twitch, Amouranth e indiefoxx, they were characterized by licking a microphone while moaning and wearing tight leggings or skimpy clothes to attract more followers, and yes they did.

Whether it’s ASMR or not is another story. If it’s a video that, thanks to the sounds it produces, gives the listener a feeling of well-being combined with a tingling sensation on the scalp and neck, then it probably is.

Screenshot of Amouranth and Indiefoxx's Twitch channels, respectively.  (photo: Twitch)
Screenshot of Amouranth and Indiefoxx’s Twitch channels, respectively. (photo: Twitch)

Although in reality, it doesn’t look like the usual video of people hitting objects, whispering or rubbing against microphones. Here it is all about licking and moaning in sexy clothes. A safe method to attract more donations and registrations, as is the case with Amouranth, which lick the microphone (in the form of an ear) for about 30 seconds every time you have a new subscriber and change clothes in their videos based on the amount donated.

Technically, These types of broadcasts do not violate the Twitch Terms and Conditions of Service. However, they seem extremely sexual, which leads to the main problem. Even so, This shows the great demand that this type of ASMR has and that it is not only used to relax and go to sleep.

Diego even comments that the most common requests he has received are whispers and many visuals, water sounds, among others. However, he has occasionally received strange requests, such as making sounds with his feet or eating. “Personally it is not something to my liking. Each ASMRtist has his technique, since there are different categories of it” he commented.

Person doing ASMR with their feet.  (photo: YouTube/Yeya ASMR)
Person doing ASMR with their feet. (photo: YouTube/Yeya ASMR)

– Stress problems or sleep disorders

There are people who use ASMR simply because they are going to relax and they will be able to sleep better, without more. But, there’s also a huge demand for (non-erotic) ASMR for people who can’t sleep through the night, and that’s precisely why ASMRtists use early morning, like diego, to perform their live and help this niche.

Furthermore, “these videos can reduce heart rate to 3.14 beats per minute on average,” explained Dr. Alvaro Vidal, a neurologist at the Somno Clinic in Chile.

It is because of these relaxing effects that ASMR has been considered by some people as a useful tool for falling asleep. Although, to the pity of some and as already mentioned above, not everyone perceives these videos in the same way.

– Pedagogical issues with children

While most of the videos you’ll find on YouTube are meant for adults, you can use them for kids too. Many moms use these techniques themselves or put the video in the background so that the baby falls asleep.

If you decide to make your own sounds, you can also rely on visual stimuli, such as being in a soft pastel-colored room, to help calm your child. Tactile stimulation, stroking the baby’s back, hands, arms, feet or head.

Ultrasonic stimulation addresses visual, auditory and tactile stimuli. It is used for children who cannot reach a state of relaxation with a single stimulus. On the other hand, children and mothers can practice ASMR meditation. If meditation itself is very relaxing, with this technique it is even more so.

Sleeping child.  (photo: hands at home)
Sleeping child. (photo: hands at home)


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