Karol G: fan tattooed Bichota’s name on his face

A Dominican admirer got a tattoo on his face with the name of the Bichota.

Not even Anuel AA dared so much, say netizens. In the last few hours, a Dominican showed the internet the process he underwent to have Karol G’s name on his face for life. His audacity produced all kinds of comments.

The fan from the Dominican Republic is called Fernando Enrique Castillo Cabrera, but He is known on social media as Patriarch Leviathan.. He identifies himself as a musician.

“Karol G: I am ready because I love you. I wish you the best. I’m the only one to make you happy. This tattoo is in your honor; musical theme with you or whatever you want, my bichota, bichota!” exclaimed the enthusiastic admirer before putting his cheek in the hands of the tattoo artist, who wrote the name of the reggaeton artist freehand, without a draft or prior design.

Once the brand was finished and in a humorous tone, the tattoo artist asked Karol G to look for her lover.

A Dominican Instagram user named Patriarca Leviatán marked the name of the reggaeton artist on his face.

In addition to the bold tattoo he now has near his mouth, Patriarch Leviathan He is known in his country for having tattooed the name of former Dominican senator Amable Aristy Castro on his forehead.. Also, because a group of youtubers made a collection in 2021 to donate belongings to him, since he was homeless.

When the tattoo with the name of the politician was made, several people they reproached him for wanting to attract attention or having psychological problems. To these accusations, he replied that he respects everyone and does not single out anyone.

Unlike Patriarca Leviatán, reggaeton player Anuel AA did not mark his face with the name of Bichota. However, in 2019 he did dare to tattoo the faces of both on his back, in a tender illustration that shows them touching their tongues. This drawing covers a considerable part of its back, so it is difficult to hide.

About that tattoo, the artist assured Univisión that I wouldn’t regret doing it, nor would I delete it if they broke up, because “if I put it there it is for something. Karol has done so many things for me that you can’t even imagine.”

Anuel AA showed the tattoo that was made with Bichota on his back
Anuel AA showed the tattoo that was made with Bichota on his back

Karol G and Anuel AA ended their three-year relationship in 2021. Since then, and despite the frequent flirtations that the two urban artists have made in public, both have shown signs of rebuilding their sentimental lives on their own. However, Anuel has not removed the tattoo on his back.

There are rumors that la Bichota would be dating fellow Colombian Feid. He has given several indications, such as dancing with him in a sensual way on the stage of his concert in Medellín and wearing a hoodie with the lyrics of one of the reggaeton songs.

For its part, the Puerto Rican has recently been seen in the company of the Dominican Yaiilin the most viral, a 21-year-old artist who began her career in 2019 with an inclination towards the urban genre.

For weeks there has been a rumor that the Puerto Rican had started a new romantic relationship with Yaiilin. The singers were seen in recent days in various entertainment centers in the Dominican Republic, without confirming or denying whether the relationship goes beyond the professional.

But nevertheless, The artist uploaded a publication to her Instagram account with which she would confirm the news. The video shows how he receives some flowers and teddy bears that the Puerto Rican sent him to the Santo Domingo clinic, where he is recovering from cosmetic surgery.

“Speechless, thank you for making me so happy in such a short time Enmaaa”, Yaiilin wrote in the description of the clip. Anuel responded with several emojis that he accompanied with the phrase: “Mine (…) more mine than yours.”


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