Emilio Lozoya case: new hearing to define freedom will exclude economic capacity and behavior

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The new audience to define whether Emilio Lozoya remains in preventive prison The continue his process in freedom with other precautionary measures you should not take into account your economic capacity nor his procedural attitude in alleged acts of corruption who faces the cases odebrecht Y Agro Nitrogenated.

According to sources from the Power of attorney consulted by Infobae Mexico, the judge will decide whether the former director of Mexican oil (Pemex) remains behind bars this January 26 at 1:30 p.m. in proceedings that will be carried out at the Criminal Justice Center of the North Recluse.

The Court that granted a modification to the change of precautionary measures ordered that an appearance is held where there are no discussions between the parties. Hence, neither the defendant’s defense nor the General Prosecutor of the Republic (FGR) may intervene to present their motivations.

Emilio Lozoya filed two appeals against the preventive prison in the criminal cases that follow him and on January 21 it was granted that this option be modified to track your process out of jail with an electronic bracelet, which he obtained since July 2020 after negotiating collaboration with the FGR.

That benefit was for accepting their responsibilities in the purchase at a premium price of the junk plant of fertilizers Agro Nitrogenated, whose facilities were acquired by $475 million, when the defendant was in front of Pemex and in dealings with the company Blast Furnaces of Mexico (AHMSA) of Alonso Ancira.

However, the resolution to track his location using a device could not be fulfilled because He is also in the prison center for the Odebrecht case, a Brazilian company that bribed Mexican officials and politicians, interventions in which the former director of Pemex accepted his participation and denounced dozens of accomplices.

The measures to keep him behind bars were issued on November 3 of last year, while he was facing the accusations in freedom. Judge Jose Artemio Zuniga Mendoza considered that there was a high risk of flight and the evidence to show that he was cooperating had not been specified.

This January 25, Lozoya won the appeal corresponding to odebrecht and the judge was ordered to hold another hearing, but do not take into account the economic capacity of the processed, which warned that could evade justice Y nor is it considered that he was a fugitive, was arrested in Spain and from there he decided to benefit from a opportunity criteria in exchange for less severe sentences at his trial.

Zúñiga Mendoza, who handles both cases, will reissue a new resolution where it is more consistent, justify sufficiently and exhaustively what is related to the precautionary measure, that is,, if he confirms that the former official remains in the North Prison or leaves under certain conditions.

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