Embera mother and daughter killed by garbage truck in Bogotá

Woman and her daughter died after being run over by a garbage truck in Bogotá (CARLOS GARCIA /)

In facts to be established by the authorities they were run over by a truck a woman and her minor daughter, 4 years old, on the outskirts of Bogotá.

The woman along with her daughter were walking down the road Siberia-Cota when the incident occurred. Apparently, the driver did not see them and ran over them.

After the incident, the man was attacked by Emberá indigenous people who were in that sector.

Identified as Hildebrando Rivera Gantiva, he is in serious health conditions.

Industry sources reported to Infobae Colombia that Mr. Gantiva’s state has severe head trauma, injuries to the chest, abdomen and limbs.

What’s more, presents significant difficulty breathing and altered state of consciousness, presents cardiorespiratory arrest, resuscitation maneuvers are performed with adequate response.

The driver presentshigh risk of death, in the process of being transferred to Simón Bolívar for management by neurosurgery and general surgeryl”.

The Bogotá Volunteer Fire Department arrived in the area of ​​the events, as well as representatives of District entities. However, the Emberá community did not allow access to the site.

The victims of the incident have been identified as Erminda Sintua Tunay, 38 years old, and her daughter, Sara Camila Garcia Tunay, 4 years old.

At the time of the events, Mrs. Erminda Sintua Tunay she was pregnant.

It should be noted that since August 2021 there has been a crisis situation with the Embera community in Bogotá; in mid-December, it was agreed with the National System of Care and Comprehensive Reparation for Victims -SNARIV- and the Capital District a return to their territories in the departments of Risaralda and Chocó.

At the time of writing this note, the Bogota Metropolitan Police He was present in the area to proceed with the removal of the women’s bodies.

This video contains sensitive images. Discretion Advised.

This is developing news.


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