Almost 90% of agricultural entrepreneurs have a pessimistic view of the future of the country

A survey reflected the feelings of agricultural entrepreneurs for this year.

There is a broad sense of pessimism in the world of the field about the reality that the country is going through and for this year. This was determined by the result of the survey carried out by the consultant Zorraquin + Meneses to 575 entrepreneurs in the sector, in the midst of a tense relationship between the field and the Government due to the official measures that are being adopted towards the sector.

The first query that was made to the respondents was by the global perspective regarding how the country will do in 2022. In this regard, 44.3% said that they are “pessimistic”, and 42.3% of those surveyed expressed themselves as “moderately pessimistic” and only one 12.1% stated that they were “moderately optimistic”.

The second and last question was related to the future that companies will have, and in this context the response was very different from the previous one, since 66.7% of businessmen showed a positive forecast, 57% responded that by 2022 they are “moderately optimistic” and 9 .6% responded “optimistic” regarding their personal interests.

According to those in charge of carrying out the work, there are surely many factors that influence the answers, such as political preferences, economic and social indicators, fiscal pressure, climate impact, financial situation, access to credit, labor costs and various personal situations. . In this regard, they added that “it is not intended to explain which is more relevant, but only to show a great x-ray.”

But the “contradiction” that emerged from the answers was also analyzed, where Almost 90% of the sample presented some trait of pessimism regarding what will happen in the country, and only 33% of the entrepreneurs have a pessimistic view of the business in which they operate. And in this regard, from the consultant they launched the following questions: “What happens to the other 67%? Is it a trait of unconsciousness? Or does it reflect that part of the entrepreneurs and their people have developed a certain expertise to navigate uncertainty and complicated environments?

The opinion of agricultural entrepreneurs about the future of the country.  (Zorraquin + Meneses)
The opinion of agricultural entrepreneurs about the future of the country. (Zorraquin + Meneses)

In that sense, although it was clarified that the survey is related to business humor, both nationally and personally, and that it is not intended to have the statistical rigor that a professional survey requires, “it undoubtedly reflects what many agricultural entrepreneurs today perceive. Fortunately, many companies are willing to continue playing the game despite the bad weather, and that will help sustain employment and generate foreign currency in a difficult year.”, commented from the consultant. It must be remembered that 2022 began with a complex climatic situation, with a severe drought and high temperatures that hit the main productive regions, and now many of them are flooded as a result of the latest rainfall.


“What is sad is that when pessimism reigns over the macro and over politics, lost profits are generated, there are things that are not done, productions that fall, investments that stop and employment that is not generated. Companies, whatever their field, are part of the solution. Entrepreneurs, the value chain and its people are the path to genuine wealth generation. Hopefully society and the ruling class can perceive it in time” underlined the report.

The look of businessmen on the future of their businesses.  (Zorraquin + Meneses)
The look of businessmen on the future of their businesses. (Zorraquin + Meneses)

Finally, when faced with the specialists’ question about what the entrepreneur earns when investing, the answer was that “the motivation that exists in companies is stimulated (or not) by multiple factors: emotional, financial, strategic, operational needs, competitive adjustments, among others. In short, the underlying business question is: What do I gain if I take risks and invest? The answer to this question is different for each person and for each company.”

And in that case, it was mentioned that there are external and internal reasons that are determining factors when investing and risking or not doing so. “These decisions are different depending on whether the look to the future is optimistic or pessimistic. Both for the company and for the people who make it up. This look can vary when looking at the country than when looking at the company itself”, concluded the consultant’s report.


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