Abuse scandal: Prince Andrew faces jury trial

Status: 01/26/2022 10:53 p.m

The plaintiff’s allegations weigh heavily: Britain’s Prince Andrew is said to have repeatedly abused an American when she was a minor. Andrew has now announced that he will face a jury trial.

Britain’s Prince Andrew wants to face a jury trial in the lawsuit over abuse allegations. This emerges from a document that his lawyers submitted to the court in New York. This is Andrew’s formal response to the lawsuit brought by the American Virginia Giuffre, which experts say was to be expected in this form. An out-of-court settlement is not ruled out.

Giuffre accuses Queen Elizabeth II’s son of repeatedly abusing her as a minor around 20 years ago. She is said to have been mediated to Andrew by the US multimillionaire Jeffrey Epstein, who has since died. Andrew has vigorously denied the allegations. The document, now filed in federal court in Manhattan, lists 11 reasons why the lawsuit should be dismissed.

All military ranks revoked

The 61-year-old prince had recently failed in his attempt to stop the civil lawsuit with an application. The Queen had stripped her second eldest son of all military ranks and patronage after demands from the military, clearly distancing herself from him. He also has to do without the salutation “Royal Highness”. Buckingham Palace announced in mid-January that Andrew would defend himself in the US process as a private citizen and would no longer take on any public royal duties.

If there is a civil trial, it could take place later this year. There are no official criminal investigations against Andrew. But the damage to his reputation – and that of the royal family – is already considerable. At the end of 2019, Andrew resigned from his public duties for the Royals. Organizations that he had served as a patron, row after row, distanced themselves from him.


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