With a peak of 9 rating points, The Great Game of the Goose debuted on the screen of El Trece

Pollo Álvarez and Dani La Chepi debuted with the entertainment program in prime time

Very, very good night. Welcome to the Great Game of the Goose!“, advertisement Joaquin The chicken Alvarez promptly at 9:00 p.m., about the first seconds of the program that debuted today on the screen of ElTrece. “My God, Chepi, what scenery…!”, He added later, describing his particular environment and giving him the foot for his partner to enter the driving, Daniela Viaggiamari, better known as La Chepi.

I go crazy, how cute is this”, was dazzled influence when seeing the different sectors prepared for the physical action that the game proposes. At that moment, the rating mark reached 7 points, just behind the Telefe newscast, its direct competition at the same time.

“We are really very happy to be here on the screen of ElTrece accompanying them,” announced El Pollo as he went to meet his partner. “And here comes the Chepi… so I’m going to help her because she’s impeccable”, he said when he saw her difficulty walking. “Because I wore heels after 15 years”, she justified herself, with her usual nonchalance. “Come on, that fan, I’m going crazy!” He harangued those who went to encourage the competitors.

Dani La Chepi and El Pollo Álvarez debuted with The Great Game of the Goose

Thus, they went on to briefly explain what the game was about. “It is very difficult: there are mud tests, there are fire tests, there are water tests. They have to be very skilled. And you know what? A lot of attitude and a lot of strength”, explained Viaggiamari with rhyme included. “The goal is to get to box 63”, added El Pollo and she closed: “It’s difficult, it’s a long way… it’s a life!”, she said, making a parallel with the classic board game. “It is to enjoy with the family,” Álvarez certified.

Next, they gave way to the true star of the program, the Oca, considered “the owner” of the cycle. “She opens and closes, and the rules she says are followed,” they explained shortly before the great doll entered, who upon entering the studio asked for a change in the music: that they remove the curtain of the program and that they put on a cumbia. And it sounded “Evil Puppy”, of ladies free Y L-Gante, which made the “animal” twerk. “Look what those legs are!” La Chepi praised when she saw her skill. To close the gag, the bird took a peck at Chicken, although he did not defend himself. “I respect her to the end because she is the owner,” he said.

Dani La Chepi and Pollo Álvarez together with the Goose, "the real owner of the game", as defined by drivers
Dani La Chepi and Pollo Álvarez together with Oca, “the true owner of the game”, as defined by the drivers

That was the foot for the entry of the first four participants: Pablo, Guido, Macarena Y Lucy. The first test they underwent was “The dealer”, which determined in what order they would start playing and with how much money in favor. This first challenge consisted of jumping over a huge bar that rotated clockwise, but from a small, circular base: whoever fell first, would play last turn and with less in favor.

The first to fall was Pablo (with 200 thousand pesos in favor), then Guido (with 300 thousand), then Macarena (400 thousand) and Lucía was the first winner (she started with 500 thousand pesos). And from there, each turn began with the necessary roll of the dice that indicated how many squares were advanced and which corresponding test. Crossing a tire road to rescue the Goose from a cage, blowing up cans with “dynamite”, climbing a huge rotating arena: as the tests were taking place -and the participants had to appeal to their physical prowess- the rating I was climbing. But although the program achieved peaks of 9.2 points, it was never able to surpass its competition.: turkish novel Runaway slave (Telefe) was above at all times.


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