University worker “Lee Jae-myung’s education promises are set back from the current government”

▲ University union

University workers demanded a complete reorganization, saying that the Democratic Party’s presidential candidate Lee Jae-myung and the Democratic Party’s university promises were set back from the past.

On the morning of the 25th, the National Movement Headquarters for Freeing and Equalizing Universities and the Joint Countermeasures Committee for Reinforcing University Publicity held a press conference in front of the Democratic Party of Korea in Yeouido, Seoul and said, “Even though the competition for entrance exams continued despite the spread of Corona 19, the gap between classes in private education expenses has widened, but the government completely gave up its hand. put it down,” he criticized. They said, “Even though local universities and local governments have long sent a crisis signal that universities are closing in the order in which the cherry blossoms bloom, they have not been able to present any effective policies, and the promises made in the presidential election have been pushed back after the government took office.” You can’t even find a phrase in the promise book.”

Candidate Jae-myung Lee’s presidential campaign promises regarding university education were evaluated as staying at the level of a shared university based on fair management of entrance exam competition, cooperation between local industry and universities, and joint admission and joint degrees. They pointed out, “The solution to educational inequality due to university ranking and competitive education in entrance exams was not reflected in the pledges, and most of the pledges were devoted to the pledge to manage competition while leaving the competitive education system in the entrance examination as it is.”

It was said that the candidate’s promises were backwards from that of the Moon Jae-in administration. The Moon Jae-in government reorganized the college admission system in the mid- to long-term to promote absolute evaluation of the CSAT, build a network of national and public universities to ease the ranking of universities, convert illegal private schools to public universities, and come up with plans to reduce education costs, such as abolition of university entrance fees and promotion of half-price tuition.

University workers emphasized that “the educational system of public poverty, which has exacerbated suffering and inequality, needs to be completely reorganized through free university education.” did. As policies related to university education, △reform of the university system, △reform of the university admission system, and △expansion of finances for higher education (university) were suggested. They emphasized that “the university should be put in place by revitalizing policies and academic policies for non-regular school workers and non-regular educational workers and researchers such as university lecturers.”

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