To jail alias Linares, one of the biggest recruiters of university students for the FARC dissidents

To jail alias Linares, one of the biggest recruiters of university students for Farc dissidents. FGN screenshot

In the last hours, the body of investigators of the Police and the Attorney General’s Office, They managed to capture Luyer Ordóñez Velos, better known as alias Linares or Miller, who is considered one of the main articulators of the so-called ‘Solidarity Unions’ of the dissidents of the tenth front of the extinct FARC.

Through a statement, the accusing entity reported that this capture, and subsequent prosecution, would be a strong blow to the guerrilla structure, since this man was in charge of coordinating the transfer and logistics to take young people to the dissident camps. from the tenth front of the FARC in Arauca and Venezuela, where they were trained in handling explosives and unconventional devices.

Similarly, the Prosecutor’s Office indicated that the evidence material collected showed that This man’s criminal record shows that he had sponsored and financed the networks that were involved in the violent events that occurred in Bogotá, between 2019 and 2020, in which there were blockades in the south-west of Bogotá, damage to the Transmilenio portal of Las Americas, looting and heavy clashes with the Mobile Anti-riot Squad (ESMAD) in the Patio Bonito and El Tintal sectors.

On the other hand, the investigation established that Ordóñez Velos, apparently, was designated by alias Arturo, maximum leader of the dissidents of the FARC’s tenth front, to obtain weapons and communication equipment to equip the structures that sustain a confrontation with the ELN. in the border area with Venezuela, an issue that made him arrive in the city of Bogotá and do the tasks to acquire all the war administration.

This is how, through joint work between the Prosecutor’s Office and the Gaula, it was possible to discover all the movements and location of this man, who He was arrested at the Bogotá Transport Terminal, when he was trying to get on a public service bus that would take him to Arauca minutes before boarding.

A prosecutor from the Specialized Directorate against Criminal Organizations presented the detainee before a guarantee control judge and charged him with the crime of aggravated conspiracy to commit a crime. The charge was not accepted by the defendant, who must comply with a custodial measure in a prison.

Who is Luyer Ordóñez Velos aka Linares

According to the authorities, This man, who was linked to the extinct FARC, received courses on handling and preparation of explosives, and criminal techniques such as the so-called ‘soft tread’, from an early age.

Likewise, in the telephone interceptions, testimonies and other evidence indicate that now, as a presumed member of the ‘Solidarity Unions’ of the dissidents, he would be in charge of meeting the young recruits in the cities, approving their transfer to the camps and detailing ringleaders the conditions in which they traveled.

On some occasions, supposedly, he worked as an instructor. A large part of the structure that would have financed alias Linares to promote vandalism in Bogotá was dismantled in January 2020. Five of the aforementioned members remain deprived of liberty in a prison center.


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