The Rayadas penalty that sentenced the defeat of América Femenil

Las Rayadas took advantage of America’s defensive errors and won the game with a score of 2 – 0 (Video: Twitter/ @LigaBBVAFemenil)

the field of Aztec stadium was painted from scratched when the regiamontanas defeated with a score 2 – 0 to the set of Women’s America. As part of the Matchday 3 of the Shout Mexico Closing 2022 of the Women’s MX League, the Eagles received the visit of the Monterrey team.

Those led by Eve Mirror They knew how to take advantage of defensive oversights of the premises and so they managed to nail two goals to the team of Craig Neil Harrington. The match only recorded one goal and as the game progressed the match could end with the slightest advantage for Monterrey, but an infraction in the small area gave them the opportunity to increase the number of goals.

In a backlash of scratched They headed for the goal Renata Masciarelli and surprise the Americanists, to stop it the defense of America swept into the small area, consequently Christina Burkenroad, who was carrying the ball, tripped and fell.

(Photo: Instagram/@rayadas)

Due to the speed with which the play took place, Lizzet Amairany García, central referee of the game, marked the maximum penalty. In social networks controversy was generated by the decision because in the repetitions of the transmission it is observed that the forward kicked the grass before falling down the sweep.

Without resorting to the VAR, the infraction was marked and Rebeca Bernal was in charge of collecting the shot. The captain of the regias was the one who sealed the victory for her team and managed to keep the undefeated of the current champion of the women’s league at the start of Grita México Clausura 2022.

When the whistle whistled for the penalty, Bernal waited until the last minute to take a shot in order to mislead the goalkeeper; His strategy did not work because the goalkeeper guessed the trajectory of the ball and saved the ball.

But nevertheless, the rebound of the ball was not favorable for the bluecreams and the ball fell again at the feet of Bernal, who knew how to finish the game of the match and send the ball to the back of the net. Consequently, at minute 78 the scratched they clung to victory.

Although there were still a few minutes left in the match, América Femenil could not turn the score around. The second half of the meeting was characterized, once again, by the initiative of the Eagles to keep the ball. Luebbert continued to be decisive in creating offensive plays, but the forcefulness was not on the side of the Eagles.

Another of the most outstanding episodes was the Harrington expulsion, who angrily alleged to the match judge after a reprimand against Scarlett Camberos. In the end, the points will go to Monterrey


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