The province of Buenos Aires will require a health pass to travel in medium and long distance buses

In movie theaters they already require the sanitary pass (File photo: Mey Romero)

The Buenos Aires Minister of Transportation, Jorge D’Onofrio, announced that they will require the sanitary pass in medium and long-distance passenger transport. This measure implies that all passengers must have a vaccination scheme to be able to travel.

As explained by the official in an interview with the news channel C5N, the details of the measure will be defined in the coming days by the Minister of Health, Nicolás Kreplak, and announced by Governor Axel Kicillof. “It already has the opinion of the ministries and in a very short time it will be implemented”.

D’Onofrio also sent a message to those who have not yet been vaccinated: “We respect them, but that decision has consequences since they will not be able to attend closed places or places of mass concentration.”.

Until now, the province of Buenos Aires exceeds the 95% of the population vaccinated with the first dose and 83% with both applications,

Although last week the Minister of Health of the Nation, Carla Vizzotti, assured that the conditions are not yet in place to include the COVID-19 vaccines in the mandatory schedule, more and more institutions are requiring the health pass. Yesterday Infobae announced that three public universities will request the certificate from their students and there are others that are evaluating adopting similar measures.

D’Onofrio also said that the pass should also be applied in schools to force families who have not yet done so to vaccinate their children, although that decision will not depend on his portfolio.

In Buenos Aires, the Covid Free Pass has been in force since the end of December for people over 13 years of age who wish to enter massive events and closed spaces. In the first weeks, it was implemented especially in public and private offices -for example, banks- where various procedures are carried out. Some supermarkets also did pilot tests.

The impact of the measure aims not only to reduce the number of infections due to the coronavirus pandemic, but also to increase the number of people vaccinated against the virus. SARS-CoV-2 virus that shot up especially in Argentina in this 2022 due to the presence of the Omicron variant.

People they must have their schedule of two doses of any of the vaccines or with the first application in case the interval established by the health authorities to apply the second has not expired. this period varies by inoculant which is received first. Thus, those who have been vaccinated with the development of Russian origin satellite, that of the British pharmaceutical AstraZeneca or the American Pfizer they must wait eight weeks for the second application. And in case of having been inoculated with the china Sinopharm the interval time will be three weeks.

How to carry out the procedure to obtain the sanitary pass

Although the vaccination certificate or card issued at the time of inoculation can be presented; It can also be obtained digitally. For this, it is necessary to download one of these apps on the cell phone: My Argentina The Get vaccinated Buenos Aires. Once the personal data is completed, all the vaccinations against COVID-19 appear on the screen. People who want to use only the physical card do not need to download any app to the phone.

It is important to note that the document can be downloaded in PDF format, so it does not require an internet connection.

1- Enter the mobile application store, search My Argentina and download it.

2- Enter to “create Account” to register.

3 – Registration can be done in two ways: scan the DNI or manually complete the form.

4 – There is going to be a email to activate the account. It does Click the green button and you’re done. That completes the registration.

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