The last 5 photos of Lina Tejeiro that sweep her Instagram account

Lina Tejeiro (@linatejeiro) made a series of posts in the last few hours on his popular Instagram account that have given much to talk about. The 5 posts of stories and photographs, provoked more than interactions between their followers.

The most popular posts:

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Lina Fernanda González Tejeiro, better known as Lina Tejeiro, is a Colombian actress born on October 8, 1991 in Villavicencio, Meta.

Lina Tejeiro is recognized for acting for five years in the remembered Colombian series Fathers and sons, in the role of Sammy.

Lina Tejeiro started acting at the age of nine participating in six episodes of the series Files and investigative unit.

The character that gave Lina Tejeiro public recognition was that of Sammy in the television series Fathers and sons, which he made from the age of 11, after sending one of his recordings of files, on the recommendation of Alfonso Peña, to Colombiana de Televisión.

Lina Tejeiro was also part of the cast of the Caracol TV production, Munoz is worth 2, where she played Glenda, one of the daughters of Román Muñoz Mauricio Vélez.

For a time Lina Tejeiro lived in Argentina but due to economic problems she returned to Colombia, where I participate in the law of the heart played Catalina Mejía production of RCN Television.

Lina Tejeiro was also part of the cast of The hypochondriac, representing Tatiana, in the same way he participated in the Colombian version of the novel The graduates, embodying Luna.

He has participated in the reality shows of RCN Television Who is the mask? Y Soldier 1.0. He has also participated in music videos of different artists such as Andy Rivera, Jhonny Rivera, Karol G and Nicky Jam

on the big screen Lina Tejeiro has participated in two films A tail with a heart Y Chichipatos: What a Christmas chimba!.


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