The international destinations that Colombians preferred in 2021

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Tourism has been one of the sectors that has recovered positively in the country in the face of the crisis generated by the covid-19 pandemic. Little by little, figures have been revealed that have shown that the movement of travelers has been reactivated, even to international destinations.

According to a recent report by the Colombian Association of Travel and Tourism Agencies (Anato), “the work of wholesale travel agencies and the excellent management of the national government, facing Increasing the number of countries in which a visa is not required for the entry of Colombians, has allowed more passengers to be motivated to travel abroad”.

This can also be seen in data such as Between 2006 and 2022, Colombia went from managing 32 to 131 destinations where only a passport is required to enter.

“The countries continue to implement restrictions for the arrival of visitors to their territories, but there have been important advances in the vaccination processes; the professional advice of our travel agencies, guiding tourists in the face of changes in measures in the different destinations; and the work of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, have allowed a slow but constant revitalization in outbound tourism”, said Paula Cortés Calle, executive president of Anato.

In context: The figures left by the positive reactivation of tourism in Colombia during 2021

In the same way, the union pointed out that according to data from Migración Colombia, during the past year three million travelers left the country, which represented a reactivation of 67%, compared to 2019. In this sense, countries like United States, Mexico and Spain they presented a reactivation percentage of 110, 82 and 45% respectively, that is, these were the main destinations to which Colombians traveled.

“There are other countries that stand out for having exceeded the figures in 2021, when compared to 2019, such is the case of Dominican Republic with a growth of 23%; United Arab Emirates, with 58% and Bahamas with an increase of 33%”, Anato’s communication specified.

Likewise, he highlighted other data such as During December 2021 alone, more than 400,000 Colombians left the country, thus reporting a reactivation of 93% compared to the same month of 2019, being the top of the countries once again made up of United States, Mexico and Spain, with a reactivation of 124, 114 and 85% respectively.

Among the destinations that during December 2021 exceeded the indicators registered during the same month of 2019, were Chile, Canada, Turkey, Curaçao and the United Arab Emirates.

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“Tourism has shown its strength, because despite the adversities, the continuous path of recovery has allowed entrepreneurs to manage to stay. We know that the support that the Government has given us has been essential for this, so we appreciate the relief granted to the travel industry and the work that we have done together with the private sector.

We must continue to implement actions that allow us to quickly reach the figures that the sector had been presenting before the pandemic, because we are getting closer to that”, concluded the union leader.

It should be said that the association expects a better recovery for the international market during this year, since by 2022, of those who do intend to travel, 62% are inclined to travel to international destinations, where the preferred tourism activities are touring cities and culture.


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