Seoul to hold ‘Safety Advisory Meeting’ ahead of the Act on the Punishment of Serious Disasters

▲ Seoul

On the 27th of this month, ahead of the enforcement of the Act on Punishment of Serious Accidents, etc.

On the afternoon of the 25th, the city of Seoul held the first meeting of the ‘Seoul Safety Advisory Council’ at Seoul City Hall. A total of 17 people, including three ex officio positions including the mayor of Seoul and the head of the safety chief, and 14 private commissioned positions of experts in fields such as disaster prevention, disaster, civil engineering, construction, industrial accident, and health, will participate. The term of office is 2 years, and can be renewed for a maximum of 6 years. The mayor of Seoul served as the ex officio chairperson.

The Safety Advisory Council advises on policies and projects in the field of serious civic and industrial accidents, and the direction Seoul should take to prevent serious accidents. Regular meetings are held three times a year, and meetings are held frequently when major disasters occur or major social issues occur in Seoul. At the meeting held remotely in consideration of the COVID-19 situation, Seoul Mayor Oh Se-hoon presented an online letter of appointment to the members, followed by reviewing and discussing the comprehensive and safety plan established by the city of Seoul.

According to the Ministry of Employment and Labor, 13,293 people were injured in 2018 and 82 people died in Seoul. The number of casualties was 13,574 in 2019 and 12,752 in 2020, and the death toll increased from 66 to 85 during the same period. As of June last year, there were 7,27 people injured and 40 people died.

Through the ‘Comprehensive Plan for Prevention of Severe Industrial Accidents’ announced earlier this month, the Seoul Metropolitan Government designated the safety and health management (general) manager for Seoul and 39 business offices, established an organization dedicated to safety and health management, and placed safety and health managers in ‘integrated safety and health management’. to build a ‘system’.

Meanwhile, on the 26th, the Seoul Metropolitan Government will provide education on the Serious Disaster Punishment Act for about 300 people in charge of business in Seoul and autonomous districts.

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