Scholz and Macron: warnings and appeals to Russia

As of: 01/25/2022 7:53 p.m

In view of the tense situation in the Ukraine conflict, one crisis meeting follows the next: in Berlin, Chancellor Scholz and French President Macron called for de-escalation – and at the same time sent warnings to Moscow.

Chancellor Olaf Scholz has again called on Russia to ease the current situation in the Ukraine crisis. “We therefore expect Russia to take clear steps that will help de-escalate the situation,” said Scholz at a joint press conference with French President Emmanuel Macron in Berlin. Once again, the SPD politician warned Moscow that “military aggression would have serious consequences.”

Macron said Germany and France are very much in agreement on their position on Ukraine and that they would both call for a de-escalation of the situation. Should aggression occur, the cost to Russia would be “high”. At the same time, the French President reiterated: “We will never give up dialogue with Russia.”

Macron wants to call Putin on Friday

Scholz welcomed the now resuming talks in the so-called Normandy format, in which France, Germany, Ukraine and Russia are involved. “It’s good that we’re talking,” said Scholz, referring to the meeting of political advisors from the four countries scheduled for Wednesday in Paris.

Macron also announced that he would speak to Russian President Vladimir Putin and propose a way of de-escalation. The conversation between the two is scheduled for Friday morning, Macron announced. It’s about taking stock and getting some clarifications. From Élysée circles it was said that Macron believes that there is room for diplomacy and a defusing of the conflict. At the same time, he wanted to make it clear that Russia’s military actions against Ukraine would have very serious consequences.

In view of the massive Russian troop deployment on the border with Ukraine, the West fears an attack from Russia. The leadership in Moscow denies such intentions and demands, among other things, that NATO renounce further eastward expansion.

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