Samsung Electronics’ labor-management ‘first wage agreement’? Conclusion on the 25th

It will be decided on the 25th whether the labor and management of Samsung Electronics will be able to sign the first wage agreement since its inception.

According to the Samsung Electronics Labor Union Joint Bargaining Group on the 24th, four unions (Samsung Electronics Office Workers’ Union, Samsung Electronics Gumi Branch Union, Samsung Electronics Union Accompanying, Samsung Electronics Union) will hold a vote for or against the union members by midnight on the same day on the final proposal from the management. did with In the main negotiations on the 21st, the management presented the final proposal regarding wages and welfare.

In the final draft, 30 million won in the ‘Cooperative Development Fund’ will be provided for the purpose of fund for union members’ welfare and disaster prevention, and discussions will be held on vacation and leave system, wage peak system, and expansion of resorts through the labor-management win-win TF. However, the proposal for a wage increase requested by the joint negotiation group was not included.

Earlier, the joint negotiation team demanded a lump sum increase of 10 million won in contract salaries for all employees and 25% of operating profit every year as a bonus.

If this bill is passed in the vote for or against union members, the wage increase set by Samsung Electronics at the labor-management council in March last year will be applied.

The labor community does not rule out the possibility that the union members vote for or against it.

The National Samsung Electronics Union issued a statement on the same day, saying, “Samsung Electronics has unilaterally negotiated wage adjustment with the labor-management council on the grounds that the labor union does not have a majority, and announced the negotiation procedure.” is doing it,” he criticized. He added, “Wage negotiations should be held with the union as long as there is a union.”

The Joint Bargaining Group began wage negotiations in August of last year, right after completing collective bargaining for 2021. Since then, 15 negotiations have been held.

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