Russia classifies Kremlin critic Navalny as a terrorist

Status: 01/25/2022 1:35 p.m

The Kremlin critic Navalny is now listed as a terrorist in Russia: the authorities put him on an official list of “terrorists and extremists”. Several supporters of Navalny are now also listed there.

The Russian authorities have put jailed opposition politician Alexei Navalny on an official list of “terrorists and extremists”. Navalny’s confidante Lyubov Sobol, who lives in exile, and other comrades-in-arms are now on the list managed by the financial supervisory authority Rosfinmonitoring. According to Navalny’s anti-corruption foundation, around ten people from Navalny’s environment were included.

Navalny’s foundation had already been classified as “extremist” and banned last year. The Russian terrorist list includes a number of nationalist Russian organizations as well as foreign extremist groups such as the Taliban and the jihadist militia Islamic State (IS). In mid-January, Navalny’s well-known comrades-in-arms Ivan Zhdanov and Leonid Volkov were also accepted.

Further conviction threatened

Navalny is currently serving a two and a half year prison sentence. In August 2020, he was attacked in Russia with a Soviet-made nerve agent, which he barely survived. After several months of medical treatment in Germany, he returned to Russia in January last year, where he was immediately arrested and later convicted of violating the conditions of probation.

He is currently being held in a penal colony a hundred kilometers east of Moscow. Another investigation is underway against him, as a result of which he is suspected of being the leader of an extremist organization. If convicted, he faces up to ten years in prison.

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