Roger del Águila is uncomfortable when Tula Rodríguez reminds him of romance with Saskia Bernaola

Roger del Águila was upset when they mentioned Saskia Bernaola. (Photo: Capture TV / Instagram)

After Roger of the Eagle was introduced as the new host of Esto es Habacilar, the production of En boca de todos did not hesitate to invite him to the set to tell some details that he was able to appreciate before starting the program.

During the conversation with the drivers, Ricardo Rondón asked him if he had seen Patricio Parodi and Luciana Fuster kiss. The producer clarified that he saw them separately and respecting each other while backstage.

After his response, Tula Rodríguez told him that he should develop “a third eye” now that he has returned to television so that he does not miss any “gossip”. Given this, Roger pointed out that the influencer possibly wants to be made official but is waiting for the model to do so.

“I feel that she wants it to be made official but she is ashamed because she is a woman and normally the man is the one who does it. I recommend girls always make it official. Now that I’m 47, I’m past 27, make it official, make it official”said the artist and to which Tula could not help mentioning the romance he had with the actress Saskia Bernaola.

“Oh! Now you recommend doing what you did not do in your time with Saskia Bernaola. She is married, she has a wonderful marriage. a beautiful daughter, but to Caesar what is Caesar’s.”said the driver.

The actor avoided responding to the comment and only asked him to “not throw him off balance” in that way. “Don’t throw me off balance. I have meditated for a while and with what you say everything moves me. What I feel is that now women need to be respected and well respected, so if you want something, be clear and don’t confuse people.”

Likewise, Tula continued to comment on other couples that Roger del Águila had and also named the actress Melania Urbina.

“Do not worry Roger, we are going to tell the public that now that you are a counselor, he says not to do what he did not do with Melania Urbina”, said the driver, causing astonishment among her other companions on the set.

Roger del Águila is uncomfortable when Tula Rodríguez reminds him of an affair with Saskia Bernaola.


During an interview last 2019 on the Andrea al Mediodía program, Roger of the Eagle revealed details of the romance he had with Saskia Bernaola, who was also in the telephone conversation.

“We have been of everything, friends, colleagues, partner…“, Said the actress and to which the driver asked them if they really have been in love. “We have been two years and we live together. What I remember most about being with Roger is that he killed me with laughter”replied the comedian.

This surprised Andrea, since at no time did the actors make their romantic relationship public.


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