Rafael Bielsa said that Jones Huala could serve the rest of his sentence in Argentina

Facundo Jones Huala

The Argentine ambassador in Chile, Raphael Bielsa, said the leader of the Mapuche Ancestral Resistance (RAM), Facundo Jones Huala, could serve in Argentina the rest of the sentence handed down by the justice of the trans-Andean country.

Huala fulfilled in Chile a sentence of nine years in prison for having participated in the burning of a property in 2013 and had added another sentence to three years in prison for possession of a handmade firearm, but last Friday he was released on parole after an injunction from his lawyers was accepted. However, the Chilean justice appealed his release and the case reached the Supreme Court of the neighboring country, which will have to decide whether to return to prison or continue on parole.

Meanwhile, the Mapuche leader began the procedures to return to Argentine Patagonia. “The request to be able to serve the remainder of his sentence in Argentina is a procedure for which we are ‘mail carriers'”, said Bielsa in statements to Radio With You.

“The request reaches us and we transmit it to the Argentine Foreign Ministry so that it can give it the planned procedure, which implies the intervention of the Ministry of Justice,” He explained what the process is like.

Indeed, the Argentine embassy in Chile has already received the request from Huala’s lawyers and sent it to the Foreign Ministry. It remains for the ministry in charge of Santiago Cafiero to make the transfer to the portfolio in charge of Martín Soria. “Ultimately, it will be the Argentine government, or the Minister of Justice”, who authorizes or not the entry of Jones Huala, said Bielsa.

The ambassador argued that there “technical reasons” that allow the return of the leader of the RAM: “We have an agreement with Chile for a long time to serve a prison sentence in the country of birth or nationality”.

“The only thing we are doing is complying with an existing standard, which is also a two-sided norm, he remarked. In any case, the diplomat clarified that there are issues to be resolved beforehand, such as “the modalities of compliance with parole” that “are not the same” in the two countries. “It is necessary to see to what extent compliance with the measures under which parole was granted in Chile is fulfilled in Argentina”he declared.

“If this process, which is technical, yields a positive result, the authorization will surely be granted” for Jones Huala to cross the border and return to the country, Bielsa said.

Rafael Bielsa, Argentine ambassador to Chile
Rafael Bielsa, Argentine ambassador to Chile

The reasons for asking to serve the sentence in Argentina, the Mapuche leader’s lawyers explained, were that their family nucleus was in Patagonia and that, due to the pandemic and the closure of borders, they had not seen each other for two years.

Now it remains to be issued by the Chilean Supreme Court. The freedom of Jones Huala was appealed by the Ministry of the Interior of the trans-Andean country the same day it was granted.

On Friday, upon leaving the Temuco prison, Huala had a brief contact with the press in which he vindicated his ideas and targeted large companies and states. In addition, he expressed his gratitude to the peñis and vindicated “the revolutionary Mapuche organizations, all the Mapuche revolutionary resistance communities and my organization Resistencia Ancestral Mapuche and the Puelmapu Mapuche movement.”

Mapuche leader Facundo Jones Huala was released in Chile

“The political violence of the State has to continue on the path of self-defense against the peñis and sabotage against large companies, but not unnecessary and excessive violence among us, the Mapuche people and the poor. The enemy is only one, the big transactional capital, imperialism and the oligarchy, and the oppressive states in service of all these national and foreign bourgeoisies. They are the enemy”, sentenced.

And he closed: “It is not the poor winca, it is not the small farmers, it is the forestry, mining, oil and hydroelectric companies, we have to continue advancing on that path until we free the Mapuche people.”


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