Postal Logistics Support Group mentioned to singles union member to cancel contract

▲ Reporter Go-eun Eo

The Post Office Logistics Support Team is causing controversy when it notifies members who are on fasting that they will be held responsible for contract termination and compensation if they do not return to work. The Post Office Headquarters of the National Courier Union (CEO Yoon Joong-hyun), which started fasting on the 17th, moved the farmhouse in front of the Blue House on the 24th.

The Post Office Headquarters held a press conference in front of the Hyojae Security Center in Jongno-gu, Seoul on the morning of the same day and said, “From today on, we will start a homeless fast in front of the Blue House.” 15 members, including General Manager Yoon Joong-hyun and each regional headquarters, have been fighting hunger since the 17th in front of the government complex in Seoul, urging for the implementation of social agreements. Today is the 8th day.

According to the notice sent by the Post Office Logistics Support Team on the 19th, which was released by the headquarters, it said, “Currently, business operation is severely hindered due to unjust industrial action. “According to the consignment contract, we ask that you return to work within 7 days from the date of receipt of the notice of performance.” “Otherwise, we will have no choice but to be held responsible for civil and criminal liability such as compensation for damages and obstruction of business, as well as liability for contract termination,” he added. A postal parcel consignment delivery person is a specially hired worker who receives a delivery fee per case, and concludes a consignment contract with the Post Office Logistics Support Group, a subsidiary of the Postal Service Headquarters.

The headquarters said, “Instead of responding to the post office headquarters’ request to implement a legitimate social agreement, the Postal Service Headquarters will send a certificate of contract termination to the heads of each regional headquarters who have started a hunger strike, and will claim charges for items that cannot be delivered after processing a rental car. They are showing a hostile attitude,” he criticized.

He also urged the Blue House to play a responsible role. Director Yoon Joong-hyun said, “It has been the 8th day since the hunger strike has begun, and the Postal Service has no official answer. “I appeal to the Blue House to listen to the union’s demands,” he said.

The Postal Service Headquarters said, “We have notified 11 full-time union leaders and 2 people who are delivering alternative deliveries using a rental car, and this is a natural measure for non-fulfillment of the contract. We will do our best.”

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