Oil spill: Worker asks “to legalize marijuana” in the face of insistent reporter questions

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An uncomfortable moment passed by a reporter from a digital portal after insistently asking for the opinion of the personnel who clean the beaches after the oil spill of the company Repsol. And it is that one of the interviewees asked the president, live, “to legalize marijuana.”

Renee Morales-Heads, who was broadcasting on Facebook from one of the beaches contaminated by crude oil in Ventanilla, wanted to know the position of the workers hired to clean up the coast. But nevertheless, most preferred not to respond and continue with their work.

The reporter from the regional digital media Arriba Peru insisted on obtaining the statements of a worker: “I think we can all talk, why do you prefer not to talk? Have they told you not to talk?” I ask.

I am amazed. How is a person who is attacked in this way, for receiving a small salary, going to remain silent? All the workers here keep quiet, get a small salary and keep quiet!, Renee Cabezas later stated.


The reporter continued moving along the beach making various comments with which he sought to show indignation:

We were amazed, look at our shoes, the Repsol company should buy me some shoes. Damn Repsol company for all the damage it has causedhe said as he approached a younger worker who was digging a small hole with a pan to collect the black foam and fill it into a wheelbarrow.

“What is your position regarding the oil spill?”, asked the reporter once more.

“I think that the president should legalize the marijuana, the worker replied. “What are you talking about sir?”, the interviewer rebuked.“Yes, well, teacher, legalize marijuana”, said the interviewee.


The worker interviewed refused to give his name to the reporter and then responded in a more serious way “That is left to you. He knows that we are working, perhaps we are scratching ourselves. I’m not making fun of anyone. I’m chatting go therewas one of the things he said.

The broadcast continued and the reporter continued to ask other workers the same question, but not before describing what the young worker said as “daring” and a “stupid answer”.

Oil spill: worker asks to legalize marijuana between reporter’s insistent questions


On the other hand, also this Monday, the President of the Republic, peter castle, he met with artisanal fishermen of Chorrillos to address the problems of this sector after the oil spill from Repsol.

During his speech, the president assured that, if any state company were involved in the oil spill, the criticism would be greater to those that today are made to the private company Repsol.

It hurts me to see how it is contaminated and how what is wanted is done and in the end nothing is said. If this contamination were by the Government or by a fisherman, we would already be on the pages every day, every day on the screens hacking at each other. But since it is one of these companies that are on the other side and that always want the marginalized worker, well, there is an absolute silence”, he stressed.

In addition, he assured that the Government will make the Repsol company comply with “their criminal, civil and administrative responsibilities”.

It is not the first time that Repsol has done this with the country. It is the second time. It must be taken into account for the next occasions that this company has to do with the State”, he added.


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