Mijares revealed the secret to having a good relationship with Lucero

Lucero and Mijares were married from 1997 to 2011 (Photo: Twitter/@HogazaDeMijares)

The singers Lucero Y Mijares They married in 1997, their wedding was controversial at the time because they had a significant age difference, while the interpreter of The privilege of loving I was 39 years old, the protagonist of I am your master He was barely 28.

After having two children, the couple decided to divorce around 2011 and continue their separate lives, however, both have shown over the years that they still have a good relationship with friends and they have not been involved in scandals of hate, jealousy or arguments because of past actions. On the contrary, they have even participated in projects together such as being reality judges The Challenger and give a virtual concert titled Always friends.

Upon his arrival at the International Airport of Mexico City, Mijares was questioned by a group of reporters about the secret to achieve this friendship with the artist with whom he was married for 14 years. for the singer, the key to this is respect and prioritizing tranquility in life, the explanation he gave to the Hoy program while he was walking was the following:

Mijares and Lucero collaborated on their tour "Until we were done" (Photo: Instagram/@oficialmijares)
Mijares and Lucero collaborated on their tour “Until it was done” (Photo: Instagram/@oficialmijares)

“The joke is to get along and respect each other, love each other, always lead the party in peace. It is a matter of each couple, but life must be lived calmly”

One of the reporters asked Mijares if one of his plans was to get married again, to which, laughing, the singer replied “No, I don’t have money for a wedding.” It should be noted that shortly after the divorce, Lucero and Mijares decided to be neighbors.

To receive the year 2022, the singers chose the beaches of Acapulco Guerrero to give a concert and share a dinner with their attendees. The moment became unrepeatable when Lucerito, daughter of both singers, entered the stage. The family performed some musical pieces, among which stood out to love us more, original from Mijares. According to those attending the New Year’s Eve party, this was one of the most special memories of the evening.

Lucerito Mijares arrived at the New Year's concert (Photo: Instagram/@oficialmijares)
Lucerito Mijares arrived at the New Year’s concert (Photo: Instagram/@oficialmijares)

Despite the peaceful relationship that the former couple of singers has, a video was recently released where the boxer Saúl Cinnamon Alvarez performed a song for Lucero during an event, Mijares’s reaction to this action raised suspicions about an apparent attack of jealousy.

In this regard, the singer explained to media such as Hoy that he had not been bothered or jealous of Canelo Álvarez’s action, he also acknowledged that he did not support him in the song because he did not know the lyrics of the melody. “There the issue is that we musicians do not know the song and we cannot accompany her much, “he mentioned.

For her part, while Lucero was walking towards the transport that would take her back to her home, the America’s Bride She denied that her ex-husband had been jealous of her encounter with the boxer: “Ah, the worth”, He commented, which caused laughter from those present.

Mijares denied being jealous of Canelo Álvarez (Photos: Cuartoscuro)
Mijares denied being jealous of Canelo Álvarez (Photos: Cuartoscuro)

Without stopping, the 52-year-old interpreter recognized the value that Saúl had Cinnamon Álvarez to get up on stage, take the microphone and sing the song. However, he agreed that he does not know how to sing and, when asked what grade he gave him after hearing it face to face, he did not want to give a numerical or qualitative value.

As he says, he doesn’t know how to sing, but he likes to sing”, he declared. “That he really wanted it, yes”, he continued.

It should be noted that both Manuel Mijares and Lucero live together constantly because they both continue to see their two children, on the one hand there is José Manuel, 20 years old, and on the other, Lucerito Mijares, who is currently 16.


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