Livestock quarantine workers hit by cow horns and bitten by pigs

▲ Reporter Shin Hoon

“In May of last year, during the calf sampling process, a calf stepped on the side and fractured a rib. Because there is no manpower, I think of my colleagues and often come to work without rest even if I get sick.”

At the ‘Field Fact Testimony Testimony Contest’ held by the Korea Federation of Trade Unions in Jung-gu, Seoul on the morning of the 24th, by the Livestock Sanitation and Prevention Support Headquarters of the Public Transport Workers’ Union, Kim Ki-cheol said, “At least once a year, quarantine workers must have a dizzying experience. ,” he said.

Quarantine workers working at the Livestock Sanitation and Prevention Support Headquarters raised their voices that they were not even guaranteed a minimum work space. Kwang-soo Jeon, a quarantine worker, said, “There is no restroom for employees who work physically hard,” said Jeon Kwang-soo, a quarantine worker. appealed

According to the branch, 45,956 mammals and 2,586,827 poultry are inspected per inspector at the Livestock Sanitation and Prevention Support Headquarters per year. Field workers pointed out that the heavy workload leads to negligence in inspection and may result in providing unsafe meat to the public. Inspector Kim Hyeon-seo argued, “In order to guarantee safe livestock products, we need to increase the number of inspectors.”

Guards in charge of telephone counseling to check and collect livestock breeding information and livestock infectious disease status in real time, complained that they were suffering from emotional labor. “I have to make more than 120 phone calls a day,” said Kim Seong-suk, a security guard.

From the 20th to the 23rd, the branch investigated the experiences of occupational accidents on 438 union members, including 213 quarantine workers and 139 inspectors. 122 quarantine workers answered, “I’ve been bitten by a pig, hit by a bull’s horn, and kicked by a cow’s hind foot.” “I got burns or abrasions while tying a cow or pig immobile” (67 people) and “I got stabbed in a syringe while collecting samples” (54 people) also responded. Inspectors were also found to be frequently injured while performing their duties. 47 inspectors answered, “I had been cut by a knife during an inspection.” It was followed by “I have slipped at the slaughterhouse” (31 people) and “I suffered from musculoskeletal disorders or wrist problems” (30 people).

The branch went on strike on the 20th. They are calling for the recruitment of field personnel, △improvement of poor treatment, △normalization of abnormal institutional operations, △overall reorganization of the national quarantine system, and △constructing a framework for consultation between labor and management.

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