Kidnapping in Arauca: Ombudsman denounces the disappearance of three people in Saravena

Kidnapping in Colombia – Reference image.

The situation of armed conflict in the department of Arauca continues to be delicate, because in recent hours, while some families were celebrating the prompt return of their loved ones, who had been held in captivity for nearly 30 hours in the municipality of Tame, in Arauca, In another area of ​​that department bordering Venezuela, the illegals kidnapped other people.

Through a statement, The Ombudsman’s Office reported the kidnapping of three other people in the district of Puerto Nariño, in the municipality of Saravena, zone that has been affected by the confrontations between the dissidents of the FARC and the ELN, an issue that has unleashed a wave of forced displacement.

“We continue in the territory accompanying the communities of Arauca, who remain in the midst of fear and anxiety due to the actions of illegal armed groups, particularly due to the risk of forced recruitment of children, adolescents and young people,” said the Ombudsman’s Office, through his Twitter account, where he disclosed the facts.

Ombudsman's Office - @DefensoriaCol
Ombudsman’s Office – @DefensoriaCol

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Likewise, he pointed out that the fear of the communities has been evidenced mainly in the numbers of forced displacement, both individual and massive, which they reach 1,486 people from 455 affected families.

“In Arauca it confirms that while we were celebrating the return of the 4 people who had been taken against their will by illegal armed groups in Botalón and Puente Tabla, Tame, sThey took another 3 people from the community of Puerto Nariño, Saravena”, reported the Human Rights organization.

The Ombudsman's Office reports the kidnapping of three people in Saravena, Arauca.
The Ombudsman’s Office reports the kidnapping of three people in Saravena, Arauca.

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After publicizing the acts of violence in the area, they expressed their rejection of the threats against social leaders and journalists in the department. “We maintain permanent contact with municipal leaders to provide the necessary support and continue seeking the guarantee of their rights,” defender Carlos Camargo said.

“We keep our humanitarian channels open to facilitate the necessary steps for the return of all the people in the power of the armed groups, to whom we demand to keep the civilian population out of their actions and compliance with the rules,” said the Ombudsman before the impending wave of violence.

The situation in that area of ​​the country has been worsening since the beginning of January. These are due to the dispute between the FARC dissidents and the Eastern War Bloc of the ELN, which left 33 people dead. Faced with this situation, President Iván Duque announced the dispatch of 600 men to reinforce security.

Planton Arauca - Photo Colprensa
Planton Arauca – Photo Colprensa

On the other hand, the United Nations (UN) Office of Humanitarian Affairs (Ocha) warned on January 20 that There are 1,531 displaced by the crisis of violence in Arauca. The people make up a total of 428 families and lived in the municipalities of Arauca, Arauquita, Saravena and Tame. In addition, it was indicated that among those affected there are people of Venezuelan nationality.

“As of January 18, a total of 428 displaced families (approximately 1,531 people) are reported. The Departmental Secretariat for Social Development and Gender Equity identified 21 Venezuelan families, corresponding to approximately 84 people with international protection needs as part of the victims of displacement, of which 143 are Venezuelan nationals and 5 are Colombian returnees. ”, the Ocha indicated.


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