How to choose the best camera when choosing a cell phone

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Telephones have advanced over the years, not only have they improved their communication systems (the original purpose) but also, they have added tools that make them authentic “handheld computers”, therefore, it is not surprising that in the market you can find a large number of brands and references, being the camera the main feature for which many people choose one or another model.

Due to the rise of social networks, many people are interested in acquiring a cell phone with better functions to create content and the camera is precisely the attribute that has the greatest incidence in this aspect, that is why it is important that you follow these tips to know what you should have take into account when choosing a good cell phone camera.

We consulted the cell phone manufacturer Honor and collected the following five elements that users should take into account to choose the best cell phone cameras.

Number of Megapixels

Although many times it can be considered as an aspect that is not so important or decisive when taking pictures, the truth is that the more megapixels (MP) a cell phone can offer, the greater the amount of information that the image receives, so photos with much more detail and a greater dynamic range of colors could be obtained in each photograph.

Artificial intelligence

Current smartphones integrate processors with AI capabilities that identify objects, places or people in real time, allowing the smartphone to highlight objects within the photograph and optimize them separately, thus giving a final result with a higher quality than a raw photo. .

new features

content creators have become one of the most important niches for manufacturers, which is why many launch features focused on improving the capture of photos and videos with artificial intelligence.

You can look for a cell phone with the Multivideo function, which is for example in the Honor 50, which allows users to record with the front camera (also called the selfie camera) and the rear camera, having a dual view.

Lens Versatility

The cameras of current cell phones incorporate different lenses, each one fulfills a specific function or provides the user with a unique view, thus expanding the possibilities of creation. It is important for the user to keep in mind that the number of cameras does not mean that all the lenses take the photo at the same time, as there are some who consider that the more “cameras” there are the better photos.

Most current devices equip a wide-angle lens and a macro lens to capture places with a greater range of vision or, on the contrary, to have all the details of small objects such as flowers, animals, etc.

Elements that enhance portrait photographs

The largest number of photos are taken in portrait mode, therefore, there are many external editing applications that promise improvements to the photo in question; However, many of today’s cell phones incorporate tools into the software itself, allowing elements of the skin to be perfected when capturing an image, or even capabilities such as automatically removing color from the background or blurring elements in real time.

So ask if the same device camera allows edits.

Finally, it is recommended that users also look for specifications that support the power of the images, that is, that they have enough processing capacity or memory to perform retouching functions quickly or even to capture the photo. instantly.


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