Guido Bellido defended Pedro Castillo after an interview with CNN: “they left him in a complicated situation”

Guido Bellido came out in defense of President Pedro Castillo after an interview he gave to the international network CNN en Español. REUTERS/Angela Ponce

Despite being away from peter castle after his departure from the presidential cabinet, Guido Bellido did not hesitate to come out in defense of the president after the controversial interview he gave to CNN’s Fernando del Rincón in Spanish. The ex-premier blamed the journalist from the international chain for asking him many questions while leaving him with no alternative and freedom to respond appropriately.

Bellido criticized the approach of the questions of Fernando del Rincón and of the previous interviews, since during those meetings they used “prepared questions” and with several ideas simultaneously.

“It is a very serious mistake, even the journalist knows what he is doing, but the way he conducted the interview yesterday (…) I have seen that he has given him a list of certain facts and it will be a bit complicated for anyone to answer. I have not seen the complete interview, but in one I have seen that the journalist even talks about me, without reliably having the situation in which certain accusations are being developed “, reproached.

He also showed his discomfort at being mentioned by the Mexican journalist for his controversial appointment as premier, with investigations into his links to terrorism still pending.

“I loose my bones, the man is in charge and he has not even seen the tax file on how it is developing and it is dispatched with everything and really that form of interview is with malice because if he wants to ask, he asks himself a question, but I do not ask you a list of 50 questions and in the end you leave the interviewee in a complicated situation. Respect is always important and the idea of ​​conveying information correctly is important”, he added.

at another time, Bellido also questioned that in the interview with the journalist César Hildebrandt “he has been put in the same bag” with Bruno Pacheco for the head of state to recognize an error in the appointments of both.

“The country knows what the reasons have been for Bruno Pacheco’s retirement and the request for my person’s resignation. If the journalist were to ask what the motivations have been, why he has withdrawn to beautiful guido, the questions will be much more precise. The president did not respond to either of them, but in a general way., I note.

Guido Bellido defends Pedro Castillo after a controversial interview with CNN in Spanish | VIDEO: RPP TV


After the interview with CNN, politicians from various benches came to the fore to criticize Castillo Terrones for the answers he gave in the international interview.

The President of the Congress of the Republic, Maria del Carmen Alva, in addition to questioning that the Government has not taken “immediate action” in the face of the oil spill that has affected several beaches in Ventanilla and Ancón, called for it to get to work.

“Faced with the disaster caused by Repsol, the Congress ratified in plenary its oversight role to form an investigative commission. President, it is your government that did not take immediate action, perhaps because of the learning you confessed in yesterday’s interview. It’s time to work!”, Alva tweeted.

congressman Hector Acuna, of the Alliance for Progress (APP), described as “stormy” the interview that the journalist Fernando del Rincón did to the president Peter Castle.

“Today I found out through the media, through the networks and I know that it has been a somewhat stormy and worrying interview, because we, as Peruvians, need better representation,” he commented.

“We need a president who feels like president, who doesn’t feel like he’s not a school teacher,” the APP legislator complained.


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