Failed to sign a forestry agreement with Samsung Electronics, labor-management conflict

▲ Correspondent Jeong Ki-hoon

The final bill of the management and management of Samsung Electronics for the 2021 wage agreement was rejected by 9 out of 10 union members against it. Jin Yun-seok, chairman of the Samsung Electronics Union, decided to resign from his position as chairman, taking responsibility for the voting results.

The National Samsung Electronics Union announced on the 25th that as a result of submitting the final proposal from the management to a vote for or against union members, 90.7% of voters opposed it. The approval rate was only 9.3%. The number of Samsung Electronics union members in the joint bargaining group is about 4,500, which is much higher than other unions that participated in the joint bargaining group, so it holds the key to whether or not to conclude a wage agreement. Even if all the members of the Samsung Electronics Office Workers’ Union, the Samsung Electronics Gumi Branch Union, and the Samsung Electronics Union agree, the result cannot be overturned. The four labor unions have formed a joint bargaining group and have been negotiating for the 2021 wage agreement since October last year.

The overwhelming denial seems to be because the wage increase rate was not included in the management’s final draft. The final draft of the company submitted to the vote included that the company would pay 30 million won to the cooperative development fund, and provide meals in accordance with company regulations for businesses that do not operate in-house cafeterias. The wage peak system and the guarantee of the right to rest, which the joint negotiating group requested to be abolished, will be discussed later in the labor-management cooperative council. The proposal for a wage increase by the union’s joint negotiating group was virtually undiscussable, and Samsung Electronics decided to apply the wage increase rate discussed with the employee council in March last year.

The National Samsung Electronics Union said, “During this wage negotiation, we felt desperately that Vice Chairman Lee Jae-yong’s non-union management policy was being maintained.” “They announced to the media that they would pay the incentive payment, which was rejected because there was no available budget, on the very next day of the negotiations.”

The National Samsung Electronics Union said, “We will quickly elect a vacant chairman through an election and move forward in a different way than before. decided to organize a

On the other hand, unions formed in Samsung Group affiliates such as Samsung Display and Samsung Fire & Anika Damage Compensation and signed wage agreements in succession last year, but the management has failed to exceed the wage increase rate set by the labor-management council.

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