Eye: unscrupulous people are charging for free registration process to public schools in Bogotá

Procedures during registration season have NO cost. Bogota City Hall.

This Monday, January 24, the Secretary of Education of Bogotá warned the community that There are people on social networks who are requesting money in exchange for scheduling appointments to carry out transfer or quota request processes for official schools.

The call of the authorities is to divert attention to this type of messages since the procedures of the registration season They do NOT have any cost and do NOT require intermediaries.

“Avoid falling into the trap of unscrupulous people and do not carry out any paperwork or deliver information. Remember that the assignment is made according to the availability of quotas and that education in Bogotá is totally free”, specified the Secretary of Education.

In the same way, he explained that families who were unable to carry out the process on the established dates can go directly to the official schools that have available places or schedule an appointment for their attention at the DILES (Local Directorates of Education). Those interested can consult this information in detail by entering the website of the Ministry of Education.

There it is possible to find out about the places available in the official schools of Bogotá by selecting the locality to which it belongs. It is important to keep in mind that only the institutions that have available places and the number available for each degree are published.

Likewise, he reminded the community that the request for appointments to carry out the quota or transfer application processes in the official schools of the city should be made only through the page educacionbogota.edu.co.

The secretariat concluded its statement by reporting on the step-by-step process for scheduling appointments and registration, which is detailed below:

1. Click on the option ‘REGISTER HERE’ and at the bottom click on the option ‘SCHEDULE YOUR APPOINTMENT TO RECEIVE PERSONALIZED ATTENTION’.

2. Select the option ‘REQUEST AN APPOINTMENT’, fill in the contact information and when finished, click again on the ‘REQUEST’ button.

3. It is important to complete the appointment options:

– Select the level: Local if it corresponds to a Local Directorate of Education or institutional level, if it is in an official school.

– Select the place of attention: the town that belongs to the Local Directorate of Education or the official school to which you want to go.

– Select the procedure ‘Information registration season 2022′ to be assisted in this service.

– Select the day and time according to availability.

– Click on ‘ACCEPT’ to confirm the appointment.

The entity also recalled that appointments are scheduled according to the capacity of officials and the capacity of each of the Local Directorates of Education and the official schools authorized for this process.

In that sense, he explained that families must be attentive by constantly consulting the page to access the availability of agendas that are being enabled.

In addition, he specified that for the Local Directorates of Education with the greatest influx such as Bosa, Suba, Kennedy, Ciudad Bolívar and Engativá, an extraordinary service schedule was set up for Saturdays, January 22 and 29 and February 5, in order to attend to all citizens who did not make their request on time.

“Keep in mind that, for the 2022 registration procedures, Only one student per appointment will be attended, in the event that there are several, you must schedule an appointment for each student. Do not forget to show up fifteen minutes before the scheduled time for your appointment, present your vaccination card and use the mask covering mouth and nose “, emphasized the Ministry of Education.


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