Egan Bernal has already undergone surgery on his femur and patella and undergoes another surgery: La Sabana

The Colombian Egan Bernal, in a file image. EFE/Manuel Bruque

On the night of this January 24, the University Clinic of La Sabana issued the second statement about the health condition of Egan Bernal, who, after an accident in Gachancipá, had to undergo surgery. Al Zipaquereño, in fact, is undergoing a new surgery.

“Patient Egan Bernal Gómez was taken to the surgery rooms by the interdisciplinary team of General Surgery, Orthopedics and Traumatology and the corresponding time for neurosurgery is currently being performed. The results obtained so far are: 1. Osteosynthesis of a right sub-trochanteric comminuted femur fracture. 2. Osteosynthesis of ipsilateral open patella fracture. 3. Thoracotomy with drainage due to hemopneumothorax secondary to chest trauma”.

The medical center also reported: “We hope that the thoracic spine surgery that is being performed under intraoperative monitoring of evoked potentials can be carried out in the best way, waiting for the best outcome according to the intraoperative injuries. Once this procedure is finished, we will issue a new statement in accordance with the findings and the evolution of the patient.”

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Since Egan’s accident became known, not only have his followers expressed their best wishes through their social networks, but so have some colleagues and exponents of Colombian cycling such as Rigoberto Urán, Nairo Quintana, Iván Ramiro Sosa and Miguel Ángel López.

The Urrao Bull, who in 2019 was also in a critical condition due to an accident, since he even pierced a lung when he was running in the Vuelta a España, shared:

“We hope you fly soon. Now you are in a race that you are going to be victorious #FuerzaEgan ”.

For its part, Nairo Quintana, the other Colombian rider who has won two of the three great cycling tours and also the victim of an accident while training on Colombian roads, only on July 3, 2020 in Boyacá —prior to participating in the Tour de France—, published: “I send my colleague Egan Bernal a hug of strength, I am aware of what this type of situation entails, as well I know that it is always possible to get up and continue stronger. Speedy recovery!”.

Ivan Ramiro Sosa, now a competitor of the Movistar Team, although last year he ran with the Ineos Grenadiers —he made one two with Egan Bernal in the Tour de la Provence— he joined the messages of support for Egan, the same as Superman López, who on Twitter posted: “Our profession is one of many risks, speedy recovery.”

Alejandro Valverde, one of the best Spanish cyclists of this century —along with Alberto Contador— remembered the Zipaque native with the following words: “A lot of encouragement and speedy recovery for a brave man and a champion like Egan Bernal, we look forward to seeing you soon at the races.”

Meanwhile, Victor Hugo Peña, the first Colombian to wear the yellow jersey in a Tour de France, he maintained: “Champions are made of other material and always write new stories. May the force always be with you, Egan.”


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