Delivery workers are on strike, but the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport said “Good”

▲ About 60 religious, civic and social groups held a press conference at the Solidarity for Participation in Jongno-gu, Seoul on the afternoon of the 24th and said, “We propose that the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport, participate in and objectively verify who is right.” Disputes related to delivery will be resolved practically,” he said.

Nearly a month after the National Courier Union went on strike, urging CJ Korea Express to implement a social agreement, the government announced the results of the implementation status check. The conclusion was “good”. However, the problem of distribution of the increase in delivery costs, which the union pointed to as a key issue, was omitted from the inspection list.

On the 24th, the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport announced the results of the untimely inspection of parcel delivery sites on whether the social agreement to prevent overwork of parcel delivery workers was implemented in June last year. The Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport started its own inspection from the first week of January, and formed a public-private joint investigation team for three days from the 12th to conduct an in-depth investigation. A total of 25 terminals were included in the inspection and investigation target.

From this year, it was decided to exclude courier workers from the sorting work, but as a result of the inspection, only 28% (7 places) showed that courier workers were completely excluded from the sorting work. Among the 25 terminals subject to inspection, sorting personnel were put in, but 12 (48%) delivery drivers participated in some sorting work, and 6 (24%) paid a separate fee because a delivery driver was put into sorting work. it was The Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport predicted, “It has been confirmed that the overall work intensity has decreased, but it will take some time before the delivery driver is completely excluded from the sorting task and the work time is substantially reduced.”

Even if the sorting manpower was sufficiently put in, the skill level of the sorting manpower was not high, so many drivers went to work before 9 am. It was found to be time consuming.

Late-night delivery restrictions and social insurance were generally well implemented. It was confirmed that there was no late-night delivery after 10 p.m. at the terminal to be inspected, and the head office paid the entire cost of subscribing to industrial accident insurance.

The fact that the charge distribution problem pointed out by the union was excluded from the inspection is pointed out as a limitation. The union said, “If we do not prevent attempts to divert the increase in courier charges to improve the treatment of couriers as profits, social agreements can become privatized,” the union said.

The Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport is drawing a line that the distribution of fees is a labor-management issue. An official from the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport said, “Because it is a matter of social agreement to exclude from classification and pay social insurance premiums by the head office, we are looking at the result indicators to see if exclusion is being made or whether insurance premiums are being paid.”

Jo-eun Lee, senior secretary of the Solidarity for Participation, pointed out, “The price was not raised through labor-management consultation, but rather an increase in the delivery fee to prevent overwork according to a social agreement.

As the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport maintained its position as a labor-management issue on key issues, attention is focused on the role of the ruling party, which was the subject of social consensus. The People’s Livelihood Conference of the Democratic Party of Korea has expressed its position that it will decide whether to hold a performance review meeting after seeing the results of the government inspection.

On the other hand, the Korea Integrated Logistics Association commented, “According to the announcement by the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport, the ground for the strike of non-fulfillment of the social agreement claimed by the courier union has disappeared.” did. Labor union CJ Korea Express workers have been on strike since the 28th of last month.

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