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Status: 01/25/2022 4:46 p.m

Value Union boss Otte is suddenly on everyone’s lips. The CDU politician has long sympathized with the AfD, now he has finally moved into their lap. The winner of the posse could be the new CDU boss Merz.

A comment by Sabine Henkel, ARD capital studio

You have to give this Max Otte one thing: he knows how to stage himself. Yesterday a marginal figure – today the focus of political interest. Yesterday “No Name”, today “Blame Name” and above all one that enrages the entire CDU. The man either has an oversized need for recognition or a disturbed self-confidence. Too big or too small – definitely a free radical.

Sabine Henkel
ARD Capital Studio

In the lap of the right-wing extremists

Again and again he provoked the CDU, insulted Angela Merkel in the worst possible way and sympathized with the AfD. One provocation followed the next and now this: Otte deliberately and intentionally calls on the CDU to throw him out. Otherwise you can’t understand what he’s doing. He promptly rejected the CDU leadership’s demand to leave the party, knowing that the CDU could no longer tolerate him.

That’s how he stands once in the spotlight, once the CDU revolves around him – the man must really need it. Any means is fine with him: moving further and further to the right until he has now ended up completely in the lap of right-wing extremists and wants to become federal president in the name of the AfD.

Otte knows very well that he has no chance – he will never become Federal President. He won’t become anything at all in or with the CDU – and one has to ask oneself what he still wants in the party at all. It is possible that he dreamed of taking over the CDU with the so-called union of values ​​and turning it into a strongly right-wing conservative party. But what hubris.

Will Merz emerge as the winner?

The AfD is just right for Otte. With Otte, she also gets a higher level of attention and gets the CDU going. That is exactly their goal. But who benefits from this theater in the end? Possibly one that neither Otte nor the AfD begrudge: Friedrich Merz.

The upcoming party leader has announced it more than clearly: if anyone from the CDU raises their hand to work with the AfD, then there will be a party exclusion procedure the next day. Merz can’t come back behind them. Although it is not cooperation with the AfD that Otte is striving for, he behaves in a way that is damaging to the party in accordance with the CDU statutes. If Merz now makes short work of it, he can present himself as the strong man that the CDU so longs for before he officially takes office as party leader.

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Comment on Max Otte: Suddenly on everyone’s lips

Sabine Henkel, ARD Berlin, January 25, 2022 4:53 p.m

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