Central Bank of Argentina auctions ‘Leliq’ at 28 and 183 days with stable rates: operators

BUENOS AIRES, Jan 25 (Reuters) – The central bank of Argentina (BCRA) awarded on Thursday a total of 384,361 million pesos, equivalent to about 3,674 million dollars in Liquidity Letters (‘Leliq’) at 28 and 183 days, operators said.

The title transactions within 28 days totaled 294,568 million pesos and for 183 days the auction captured 89,793 million pesos.

The BCRA added the litigation period of six months and increased the rate for short placements from 38% to 40% at the beginning of the year with the commitment to generate positive returns against annualized inflation above 50%.

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– Exchange rate: 1 dollar = 104.62 pesos (Reporting by Walter Bianchi; Editing by Hernán Nessi)


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