Bad Bunny and the time his tickets cost from 15 soles per concert in Callao: Now they are worth up to 680 soles

Bad Bunny will perform in Lima on November 13. (Photo: Composition)

Bad Bunny will perform on Sunday, November 13 at the National Stadium and fans are already looking forward to his arrival in Peru. Ticket prices range from 175 soles to 680 soles. But did you know that the “bad rabbit” charged 15 soles per ticket to one of his concerts?

Although it sounds unusual, Bad Bunny offered a concert for the 90 years of Sport Boys at the Gualberto Lizarraga stadium in Ciudad del Pescador, located in Callao. Of course, this happened in 2017, when his music was just beginning to play in our country.

On Friday, July 28, 2017, the Puerto Rican singer shared the stage with Tito Rojas, the remembered ‘Rooster of salsa’. How much did it cost to see them on stage? General tickets, Pilsen area, cost 15 soles. The VIP area, set aside for Sport Boys fans, had a price of 30 soles. And only 10 lucky ones, those who could almost touch Bad Bunny with their hands, paid 1,200 soles in total; that is, 120 soles each.

In 2017, Bad Bunny performed at Callao.
In 2017, Bad Bunny performed at Callao.
In 2017, Bad Bunny performed at Callao.
In 2017, Bad Bunny performed at Callao.

But that was not the only time that Bad Bunny appeared in Lima for a fairly modest price. That same year, the interpreter of “Amor foda” appeared at the Mangos de Lince nightclub, located on Arequipa Avenue, as part of your Tour Bad Bunny 2017.

For that show, general tickets cost 50 soles, VIP 80 soles and super VIP 100 soles. He also visited Chimbote and Trujillo for a similar price, although it is believed that it was much cheaper because in Lima he was relatively more popular with young people.


Five years have passed since Bad Bunny appeared in Callao for only 15 soles. Now, the reggaeton player returns to Peru but this time with overwhelming success, ready to sing his best-known songs to the public such as “Yonaguini”, “I wish you the best”, “Dákiti”, “You don’t know me“, among others.

Ticket sales will begin this Friday, January 28 and Saturday, January 29, with an exclusive pre-sale of a 15% discount with Interbank Card in all the modules and web of Teleticket. Starting at noon on Friday, the thousands of followers will be able to get their long-awaited tickets to see the reggaeton star. These are the prices and the areas that fans will be able to access.

With 15% discount

The Beach: S/. 578

Platinum: S/. 397

VIP: S/. 298

Occidente: S/. 395

East: S/. 358

North Grandstand: S/. 149

Prices without discount

The Beach: S/. 680

Platinum: S/. 467

VIP: S/. 350

Occidente: S/. 465

East: S/. 421

North Grandstand: S/ 175

Ticket price Bad Bunny concert in Peru
Ticket price Bad Bunny concert in Peru


Tickets will be sold through the official Teleticket platforms and here we explain the step by step to purchase your tickets safely.

– Enter to

– Select the concert banner.

– Then, enter the virtual list and wait. We recommend that you have a good Internet connection.

– Remember that tickets will be enabled from January 28.


The World’s Hottest Tour will kick off on August 5 in Florida, USA. Starting on October 21 of this year, the singer’s tour of Latin America will begin. Beginning in Santo Domingo, in the Dominican Republic on that date.

During the month of November it will be presented in Buenos Aires on the 4th, Asunción on the 11th, Lima on the 13th, Quito on the 16th, Me

Dellín on the 18th, Panama on the 22nd of that same month, on the 24th in San José, on the 26th in San Salavador and will close the month with a presentation in San Pedro Sula on the 29th.

Finally, in December, Bad Bunny will close the tour with three presentations: On December 1 in Guatemala City, on December 3 in Monterrey, Nuevo León and on December 9 in Mexico City, where he will perform at the Azteca Stadium. .


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