Axel Kicillof announced that the third dose of the coronavirus vaccine will be free for teachers

The governor Axel Kicillo announced this Tuesday the free application of the third dose of the vaccine against Covid-19 for Buenos Aires teachers and those over 50 years of age. He did it during a press conference that he led virtually together with part of his Cabinet. In addition, they confirmed that negotiations with the unions will begin next Monday after the request of some union entities to advance in the composition of the salary scale for this year.

“For some time we have had the free vaccine program. The health pass is nothing more than a stimulus for vaccination and we are reaching extraordinary numbers. But we are concerned with what comes next“Kicillof justified and explained that the Province seeks a “careful return to school and with everyone vaccinated. That is what we need”.

In that sense, the provincial president highlighted that they made “an immense investment to search house by house for each boy who left school. We have greatly reduced the number of dismissed children and now we need them to be vaccinated and we are going to start with teachers and assistants. Starting tomorrow there is a third free dose for teachers and assistants at all levels and throughout the country.

Among the most prominent announcements is the free application of the third dose also for adults over 50 years of age, that until today was only valid for 60 years and older. They will also extend the vaccination program to 2,600 more schools “for the start of the school year,” they explained. The measure has national scope, so that any person who meets the age or is an education worker can be vaccinated in Buenos Aires territory.

Controversy over the phrase of the Minister of Education Soledad Acuña from Buenos Aires on school dropout

On several occasions the officials made reference, without naming her, to the Buenos Aires Minister of Education, Soledad Acuna, who was repudiated for expressing: “The national government still does not say how many boys they abandoned during the pandemic. Those boys will surely be lost in a village or have already fallen into drug trafficking activities. They lost their own faith in the opportunities to study.”

During his speech, the director of the General Directorate of Culture Alberto Siloni He explained that there are currently a total of 60,000 children who have a “distant relationship with the school” that “obviously we must try to find them.”

“But there are no lost children, an educator would never say that a child is lost. There are no lost boys and teenagers. In any case, there are children abandoned by the State and this government does not do it and we have the obligation to bring them one by one. We have good expectations for the year that begins. We are very hopeful”, highlighted the official.

He also announced that the school year will last 190 days and that it will begin on March 2 and end on December 2.

Expansion of the criteria to determine a positive case of coronavirus

In his turn, the Buenos Aires Minister of Health, Nicolás Kreplak, announced that the Province expanded the criteria to determine a positive case of coronavirus due to “the enormous number of cases.” In any case, he recalled that a year ago the confirmation of cases by clinic by epidemiological link remains in force: if a person lives with another infected with covid, it is registered as positive covid ”.

Now, as he explained, “with only two characteristic symptoms of the coronavirus, it can be taken as clinically infected” to privilege testing in people over 60 years of age and at risk.


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