Automation instead of manual work: You could soon be replaced by robots in these professions |

Digitization is creating new job profiles, many are changing and some could disappear completely. What robots can already do.



Jan 25, 2022 6:09 am

In this article you will learn:

  • How the Job Futuromat works.
  • In which professions many activities can be automated.
  • Why Very Few Professions Will Completely Disappear.

How did you choose your training or degree: Interest? starting salary? Opportunities for advancement? Compatibility of family and job? Or reputation? Which aspects of this are or were particularly important to you is, of course, entirely individual and dependent on your circumstances. But no matter what you have chosen your activity; there is one aspect that stands above all: future prospects. Because the activities you do today will change over the course of your professional life. Are you ready for this?

Robots like monotony

Tasks will change as a result of digitization and the possibility of automating activities. Few professions will disappear completely. Rather, physically demanding and monotonous activities can be taken over by machines, while humans can concentrate on more demanding activities.

You can use the “Job-Futuromat” from the “Institute for Labor Market and Vocational Research of the Federal Employment Agency” (IAB) to find out to what extent your job is affected by automation and which of your tasks could possibly be taken over by a robot in the future.

You can find out how the Job-Futuromat works in this video:

Although the Futuromat is “not a forecasting tool”, as Dr. Katharina Dengler, research associate at the IAB, explains in the video. In return, he gives indications of which professions will change particularly drastically as a result of digital technologies.

Automatable from zero to 100 percent

If you want to know for yourself whether your job is replaceable, you can find your job using the search function or categorized by industry.

The Futuromat then evaluates how many of your core activities can be automated.

This does not say whether your (desired) job will actually be automated. For example, human labor can be more flexible, more economical or of better quality.

The more core activities that can be automated, the more difficult it could be for you without further training or specialization on the job market.

These jobs will change a lot

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