Yahaira Plasencia in Habacilar: this is what the singer looked like when she participated in the Raúl Romero program

Yahaira Plasencia was a teenager when she participated in a dance contest in Habacilar. (Photo: America TV)

Yahaira Plasencia today is a talented 27-year-old singer who has known how to stand out in the artistic world thanks to her catchy songs. However, he has also been the protagonist of media news due to his romantic relationships and after being linked to some celebrities.

However, she has always been clear that she is single. With the only person who has confirmed his romance is with the soccer player Jefferson Farfán, love that ended in 2020.

The singer has always pursued her dreams since she was very young, appearing on every program there was to demonstrate her talent. That is why after knowing that Habacilar would start a dance contest, the then teenager did not hesitate to appear.

Yahaira Plasencia participated in Habacilar as a teenager.  (Photo: America TV)
Yahaira Plasencia participated in Habacilar as a teenager. (Photo: America TV)

In the video that we show you below we see her with a red suit and some laughter dancing to the rhythm of Shakira, the song chosen on this occasion was Hips Don’t Lie, along with Wyclef Jean. This moment was recalled by Rebeca Escribans, during an interview for These in All. He even recounted the time he went to Canta y Gana, a contest that he liked the most, said the actress.

Yahaira Plasencia, without a doubt, was a very talented girl, because to be part of this type of contest it is known that you must go through many filters, leaving only the best.

“With Habacilar, Raúl Romero comes to mind and the wonderful game they had, the ‘sing and win’, I participated about three or four times… Peter Fajardo was the producer of the game, I already knew him from that time” , told Rebeca Escribans, who was a jury of the contest where Yahaira participated, that is why she remembers her so much.

“He participated in a dance that was sponsored by a sanitary pad. I don’t think she remembers me at that time, but I do remember her.”, He said.

Yahaira Plasencia when she was a teenager participated in Habacilar. (Video: You are in All / America TV)

As you remember, Habacilar, a program whose last chapter was broadcast in 2011, returns in a new version this January 24 on América TV. It is not yet known who will be driving, but the participation of models Thalia Estabridis and Tracy Freundt has already been confirmed, in addition to the return of the warriors. The program will be called This is Habacilar.


This is Habacilar premieres this January 24 at 7 pm, on América TV and América TV GO. You can also see all the incidents through Infobae.


You can see Esto es Habacilar through América TV GO by downloading the application from the Play Store or App Store. It has no cost from your tablet or your cell phone.


Esto es Habacilar will be seen at the same time that Esto es Guerra was broadcast, so the task of the production will also be to bring together the young followers of the program who are currently on vacation.

“Habacilar is a format that for many people will be something new, and although it is a return to the past, I am sure that it will attract the EEG public, there will be some warriors included in the format, included in other roles, in other formats”, said the producer, thus confirming the return of the reality boys through this new program.


In a live broadcast made by producer Peter Fajardo with Johanna San Miguel, he was encouraged to reveal some details of the new magazine, such as the return of the public to the recording set.

“I can’t say who will be on Monday, but I can say that the people who watched Habacilar will feel the DNA of the program. Those who have not seen the program will like it, it is a fun and modern mix of Habacilar”, sentenced.

Suddenly a lot of people don’t know, but I have been the producer of R con R and Habacilar, then Habacilar I was the producer of Esto es Guerra. After 10 years of putting up with ‘fighters’ and ‘warriors’, not anymore, I said I’m back 10 years ago when I was happy”, indicated the producer, who pointed out that the idea of ​​the program is that “For people to earn their little money and have fun. Apart from having fun, the public will participate for cash every day. People are going to the studio”.


‘This is Habacilar’ Premiere LIVE this Monday, January 24 via América TV GO: all the details of the program here
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