Víctor Trujillo already thought about the possible “executor” of AMLO’s will

Víctor Trujillo once again questioned the closeness of AMLO and the Armed Forces (Photos: Cuartoscuro/Facebook/El Radiador)

the communicator Victor Trujillo again questioned the proximity of the President Andres Manuel López Obrador (AMLO) with the Armed forces and assured that within those ranks would be the executor of the will that the president presented on January 22.

With a short message, of just two words, the actor who gives life to Brozo indicated that the Tabasco’s heir is probably the head of the Secretary of National Defense (Sedena), Luis Cresencio Sandoval Gonzalez, in case the president has to leave the head of the Federal Executive.

This is not the first time that the television host also insinuates an “unusual” closeness between the Executive and the army, since on many occasions he has recalled the way in which they questioned other governments for these same acts.

An image was enough for Trujillo (Photo: Twitter/@V_TrujilloM)
An image was enough for Trujillo (Photo: Twitter/@V_TrujilloM)

The most current hint of Trujillo occurred a day after the Mexican president published a video on his social networks to publicize his state of health, after he underwent a catheterization due to his history of heart attack and hypertension that has presented.

In the recording that he shared, López Obrador reported that he has a political will. In said document, the president outlines what will happen to the country in the event that he dies, especially so that governability is guaranteed.

“I have a political will, I cannot leave a country in a process of transformation, I cannot act, out of responsibility, also with this history of heart attack, hypertension, my work that is intense, without taking into account the possibility of a loss of my life, how is the country? Governance has to be guaranteed, so I have a will for that”

He also questioned the way in which the visit of the Secretary of Energy to Mexico was communicated (Photo: Presidency)
He also questioned the way in which the visit of the Secretary of Energy to Mexico was communicated (Photo: Presidency)

However, it was not the only thing that Víctor Trujillo questioned, since he also made irony after the visit of Jennifer Granholm, Secretary of Energy of the United States, sharing a tweet from the US Embassy in Mexico.

In the message from the US agency, it was shared that Granholm expressed that the Biden-Harris administration is concerned about the Electricity Reform proposed by the Mexican president, since they consider it to have a negative impact on private investment.

To which, Trujillo assured that the words are very clear about the position of the neighboring country: “Very clear and in two languages, so that later you don’t complain (don’t complain) that I didn’t tell you (I didn’t tell you)”.

AMLO assured that the meeting was cordial (Photo: Presidency of Mexico)
AMLO assured that the meeting was cordial (Photo: Presidency of Mexico)

Instead, the president assured that in the meeting to deal with matters of energy development in North America and the initiative of the constitutional reform in electrical matters, between both governments a “cordial conversation” was held where “matters of interest” were discussed.

President López Obrador highlighted in the message that during the conversation with the US government official respect and willingness to work cooperatively prevailed.

“I had a cordial conversation with the Secretary of Energy of the United States, Jennifer Granholm. We deal with matters of interest to our peoples and nations; respect, understanding and the will to cooperate for development prevailed”

In addition, in a statement the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (SRE) indicated that the bilateral meeting was held with the purpose of contributing to the good relationship that exists between both nations, in the areas of hydrocarbons, gas and electricity.

The text highlighted that thanks to the respect that exists between the two nations and the political experience of both Ministers of Energy, Progress was made in energy cooperation between Mexico and the United States.


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