The Justice investigates the aggression with stones and balls of a Mapuche group to two tourists in Villa Mascardi

One of the attacked motorists shows the injuries they caused (@_black_yoshi)

Members of the self-styled Lof Quemquemtreu Mapuche community, that blocked Route 40 between El Bolsón and Bariloche on the second anniversary of the murder of one of its members, They attacked tourists who tried to avoid the picket line.

The traffic stoppage lasted just over an hour and a half, during which time there were incidents between protesters and motorists, who tried to avoid being held in place.

The cut was made 15 kilometers from El Bolsón. Official sources indicated that the incidents occurred when the hooded men threw stones and branches on the asphalt strip to stop the passage of vehicles, measure that annoyed motorists circulating in both directions.

Two of the drivers who confronted the members of the self-proclaimed original community suffered injuries being attacked with stones and balls, requiring medical assistance at a health post located a few kilometers from there.

The wounded youth they denounced the attack on social mediais. They explained that, seeing the caravan of cars that was forming, they got out of their vehicles and approached the Mapuche who were on the picket line to find out what was happening and how long it would take them.

“This is how they left me and a friend when we wanted to know why they were blocking access to El Bolsón. The gendarmerie could not do anything and the eleven “mapuches” doing what they wanted, throwing stones and hitting us on the head with sticks,” said Marcos Galderesi, who was on vacation in the area with a friend when he was attacked.


In dialogue with A24, Galderesi said that when he approached to speak with one of the women who was on the picket line, someone “treacherously” gave him “a blow to the head.” “I did not see it. I did not get to outline five words that had already hit me, “he said.

Another friend who was with them separated them and led them back to the car. But as they retreated, the Mapuche picketers followed them, throwing stones and sticks.

“They could have easily killed us. We were saved because the stick with which they struck did not have a nail sticking out, or I don’t know”, he reflected later.


The Commissioner of El Bolsón, Miguel Relmo, assured that none of the injured wanted to file the complaint for the aggression they suffered.

When speaking to the media, Galderesi hinted that he did not file the police complaint because of the nuisance it represents and because he does not think it would be of much use: “A person who hits a shovel on the head in a serious country, goes to jail. Today he is having a mate right now. I didn’t even want to denounce the bureaucracy that means that, which is a disaster”.

The purpose of blocking the route was to commemorate the second anniversary of one of the members of his community
The purpose of blocking the route was to commemorate the second anniversary of one of the members of his community

According to its organizers, the purpose of the Mapuche court was to demand justice for the death of Elías Garay, a young member of the lof Quemquemtreu, which occurred last November in the occupation that the community has maintained since September 18 in the Cuesta del Ternero.

Two people are detained and accused of this homicide and the case is heading to the oral trial.

The attack on tourists at the roadblock near El Bolsón took place at a time when Jones Huala’s conditional release in Chile was announced and his intention – impossible at the moment due to his legal situation – to return to Argentina.

Due to the incident, the substitute federal judge of Bariloche, Gustavo Zapata, opened a file ex officio, especially because -according to the tourists’ complaint- Gendarmerie troops were in the area but did not intervene. “If the prevention force (in this case the gendarmes stationed near the court) does not act at the moment, it is almost impossible to identify the perpetrators”, judicial sources told the Río Negro newspaper in relation to the attack, for which the Bariloche federal prosecutor Sylvia Little ordered a series of measures to investigate the complaint.


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