The judge of the Supreme Court Juan Carlos Maqueda evolves favorably

Juan Carlos Maqueda (File photo. Adrián Escandar)

Juan Carlos Macqueda, judge of the Supreme Court of Justice, is recovering favorably after being hospitalized for a decompensation while having lunch at a restaurant in Recoleta with his wife on Sunday.

According to various studies carried out at the Argentine Institute of Diagnosis and Treatment (IADT), the magistrate was admitted with a syncopal episode (transient loss of postural tone) from which he fully recovered.

The lawyer underwent a computed tomography of the brain, laboratory tests and an electrocardiogram, the results of which were normal.. The professionals also plan to perform a brain MRI and place a Holter.

Maqueda will continue in intensive care until all the medical studies are completed, but for now there is no data to be alarmed about his state of health. Quite the contrary: if the exams continue to show normal parameters, it is likely that the lawyer will be discharged in the coming days. “If everything remains the same, it is most likely that you have suffered a vasovagal collapse”, they explained to Infobae medical sources.

Maqueda decompensated on Sunday at noon while having lunch at the La Recova restaurant. The sources consulted by this means said that it was the magistrate’s custodian who immediately called the SAME and, immediately, the judge was transferred by ambulance to the Fernández Hospital, where they managed to stabilize him.

As a precaution, and due to his history of heart problems, the judge was referred to the IADT, where he is usually seen and where he underwent angioplasty in 2004.


It is not the first time that the judge who entered the Supreme Court in 2002 must be transferred urgently due to a health problem, although A little over seven years have passed since the last such episode.

It was September 24, 2014 the last time. Maqueda was also admitted to the IADT, located in Barrio Norte, after he suffered a “decompensation” during a reception at the Italian Embassy when he participated as a guest.

Almost a decade before that episode, in November 2004, the judge was admitted to the IADT after he became unbalanced when a group of savers He made an escrache in front of his house on Suipacha and Santa Fe, in the Buenos Aires neighborhood of Retiro.

At that time, the demonstrators carried banners and broke garbage bags: it is that the magistrate He was one of the judges of the Court that endorsed the ruling on the pesification of the deposits. After a series of cardiological controls, the next day he was discharged.

Precisely two months before that episode, the magistrate had undergone an angioplasty. The IADT press release dated September 6, 2004, signed by cardiologist Guillermo Casella, reported that Maqueda arrived at the clinic after suffering severe “chest pain” the night before. Thus, he explained that he underwent a “cardiac catheterization” during which a “stent” was placed.

The judge, precisely, is in charge of the High Court from January 15 to 31, that is, in the second half of the summer fair month. Maqueda integrates the Court along with his peers Horace Rosatti (President), Carlos Rosenkrantz (vice) and Ricardo Lorenzetti.

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