Saúl Huerta’s hearing was postponed because the victim presented symptoms of COVID-19

Saul Huerta, former deputy of the National Regeneration Movement (Photo: Cuartoscuro)

This Monday the evidentiary hearing was going to be held in the East Prison for the case of the former federal deputy Benjamín Saul Huerta. However, the hearing had to be postponed because the victim, who was to present her statement against Huerta, presented symptoms of COVID-19, for which he was unable to give his statement before the Control Judge for the crime of aggravated equated rape.

The minor under 15 years of age did not appear at the facilities of the orality rooms because he had cough and sore throat, so it had to be isolated to rule out a possible contagion of coronavirus. The judge announced that the audience deferred until further notice.

“Okay, he is isolated, I do know that he shows symptoms corresponding to Covid, and as we know, it is by protocol a citizen duty to isolate himself to avoid contagion, but the parents are interested in this ending as soon as possible because he continues to suffer the consequences of the fact”, Luis Hernández, one of the young man’s lawyers, explained to Milenio.

“There is no reparation agreement in this criminal type of the crime of rape and well, I am not aware that the parties have approached to try to seek compensation for the damage,” he added. At the hearing this Monday, the minor was expected to give his testimony of what happened.

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