Rosario on fire: bullets and pressure after the threat of the widow of the capo of Los Monos to a prosecutor

In the war zone that is Rosario, everything gets worse. Once again, the drug traffickers dare to threaten Justice.

This last Saturday, Lorena Verdún -widow of the former leader of the “Los Monos” drug gang, Claudio “Pájaro” Cantero, murdered in 2013- was charged with her 18-year-old son, Uriel Luciano Cantero, for the illegal possession of several firearms. Uriel Luciano was accused of running an armed organization dedicated to various pressures and extortions to obtain money, with a FAL rifle in his arsenal. At the hearing in which she was formally accused, Verdún asked that they stop “taking it out” with her family and made a harsh warning towards the prosecutor Matías Edery, one of the historical investigators who follow the trail of Los Monos and who imprisoned several of its hierarchical members such as “El Viejo” and “Guille” Cantero.

“This is not going to end like this”, Told him, to continue detention. Shortly after, the violence escalated. The sign that illustrates this note, which warns that “if they continue executing (sic) to the family of the high profile, for the next one we go against the family of the service employees”, was found in the Penitentiary Affairs Office on the corner of Alsina and Pellegrini, Echesortu neighborhood, the macro-center of Rosario, facing the audience of the Cantero clan. This morning, as confirmed by sources in the case, the front of the Office was shot.

Last night there was at least one call to 911 saying that they would plant bombs at police headquarters and at the Rosario Police Headquarters. Inspections were made, with negative results. The authors of the threats, contrary to other occasions, did not identify themselves as part of Los Monos.

Lorena Verdún in the courts of Rosario, photo from 2018.
Lorena Verdún in the courts of Rosario, photo from 2018.

In the middle, another piece of paper crosses the plot. Luciano Cantero was arrested last Tuesday. They put him up in the Mayor’s Office from February 27 to 7800, West zone. He was then transferred to the Piñero prison, which last year was the scene of a ferocious attack with machine guns to free several detainees. Arriving at Piñero, Uriel already had a smuggled cell phone in his possession.

Edery, accompanied by his colleague Luis Schiappa Pietra in investigations, he received strong support from various quarters. “This is not the first time we have had situations like this. In this case was much more transcendent due to the figure of Lorena Verdún and in the context of the accusation that it has to do with a group linked to the Cantero family that have a very large impact on local crime,” Schiappa Pietra assured in dialogue with Infobae.

“Since we are in charge of complex investigations, we are always the object of this type of messages or intimidation.. Sometimes they do it through third parties, but it is not the first time that it happens to us in an audience. It happened on another occasion, when René Ungaro threatened me in an impeachment hearing for extortion; or when “Guille” Cantero warned judges in the trial for shootings that he was hiring hitmen to shoot. There, although it was not addressed only to the prosecutors, it was to all those who participated in the trial, ”replied Edery.

Luis Schiappa Pietra and Matías Edery, the prosecutors who took Los Monos to jail (Quique Galleto)
Luis Schiappa Pietra and Matías Edery, the prosecutors who took Los Monos to jail (Quique Galleto)

Edery keeps his nerve. For the prosecutor, who lives with custody, the new tightening is part of the daily story, with enemies on all fronts of darkness:

“For us, this threat has the same value as the denunciations or persecutions that people linked to power with causes that touch political power make us judicially. A threat from a criminal organization makes our daily tasks difficult and also the case of Senator Traferri (investigated for clandestine gambling) who belongs to the same political power, which has the power to throw us out in Santa Fe, and that he denounces us to fire us who are investigating him, with the aim of preventing us from advancing in the investigation that links criminal organizations with politics.”


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