OllieGamerZ won $100K in Squid Game-based Twitch Rivals tournament

The historic event Twitch Rivals gathered a little over a million viewers on the final day of the series and OllieGamerZ He was crowned the winner of the contest that lasted six days in a row. For having survived and won the competition series of the Squidcraft Games, the creator will receive 100 thousand dollars as a prize.

The tournament was inspired by the Korean series The Squid Game and faced 150 Spanish-speaking content creators, making it in one of the events with the largest call for streamers in Spanish in the history of Twitch. All of them put their skills to the test in a very friendly way with children’s games such as the Game of Chairs, Blind Hen, Green Light and Red Light, and Hide and Seek, among others. All scenarios, animations and skins were recreated within a server of Minecraft built and promoted by elRubius, Auronplay and Komanche.

The final was defined between 24 people in three hours, where the streamers prevailed OllieGamerz Y ElXokas. The final game was a fight to the death from which a shocked man emerged victorious. OllieGamerZ.

How was the attack that disqualified the most famous streamers?

Before the astonished gaze of almost more than a million viewers, on Saturday the 22nd the streamers ElRubius, AuronPlay, Biyín and TheGrefg were disconnected from one moment to another, which led to immediate disqualification in the Squidcraft Games. According to reports, this was the result of a DDoS attack on Andorra Telecom (sole provider of the Principality of Andorra, Spain) that brought down the Internet service and left the main channels of content creators offline.

The disconnection implied that his immediate disqualification from the game, which raised the suspicion that it could have been an attack directed at Telecom services due to the high impact of the event.


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