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USA RUSSIA Blinken promises a severe response to any Russian incursion into Ukraine Washington (EFE).- The US Secretary of State, Antony Blinken, threatened this Sunday with a “swift and severe” response if “a single additional Russian force ” enters Ukrainian territory aggressively, after the confusion generated this week by the words of President Joe Biden. “If a single additional Russian force enters Ukraine aggressively, there will be a swift, severe and united response from the United States and Europe,” the head of US diplomacy said in an interview with CNN. UKRAINE CRISIS RUSSIA Russia rejects the accusation of wanting to install a pro-Russian regime in Kiev Moscow (EFE).- Russia flatly rejected this Sunday the accusations of instigating the Ukrainian crisis, in particular, through alleged plans to overthrow the current government, and blamed the West to misinform in order to raise tensions around the former Soviet republic. “We urge the Foreign Office to stop spreading nonsense,” said the Russian Foreign Ministry in its first reaction to reports from the British Foreign Office about Moscow’s intention to install a pro-Russian leader in Kiev. London on Saturday claimed to have information indicating Russia intends to install a pro-Russian leader in Kiev as it considers invading and occupying Ukraine. USA UKRAINE USA reduces the staff of its embassy in Ukraine and recommends leaving the country Washington (EFE).- The United States ordered this Sunday the departure from Ukraine of the families of the employees in its embassy in the country, and authorized the departure of the staff non-essential in the face of the “continued threat of military action by Russia.” This is emphasized by the State Department in a statement in which it also recommended that all Americans who are in Ukraine leave the country. “There are reports of that Russia is planning significant military action against Ukraine and security conditions, particularly on Ukraine’s borders, in Crimea and in Russian-controlled areas of eastern Ukraine are “unpredictable” and may “deteriorate” without warning, he warned. The US Department of Foreign Affairs USA RUSSIA USA advises its citizens not to travel to Russia in the face of current tension Washington (EFE).- The United States recommended this Sunday to its citizens We encourage them not to travel to Russia in the face of the current tension with Ukraine, just after having made the same recommendation for that country and ordering that the families of its diplomatic personnel leave it. In a statement, the State Department places Russia in the level 4 of its travel recommendations, that is, it recommends its citizens not to move to that country and among the reasons it gives is that there is “harassment” against them. UKRAINE CRISIS EU will address the Ukrainian crisis with Blinken and willingness to sanction Russia Brussels (EFE).- The EU foreign ministers will speak on Monday with the US Secretary of State, Antony Blinken, about the latest contacts he has had with Russia on the crisis in Ukraine, when they have already made clear their willingness to promptly sanction Moscow if it attacks its neighbor again. “Russia is now focused on dialogue with the United States,” said a senior community official, regarding the situation of the diplomatic contacts that are being carried out to avoid a new conflict in Ukraine. The European Union (EU), which does not want to be left off the hook from the discussions on security in its own territory, will invite Blinken to join the meeting of Foreign Ministers by videoconference. HONDURAS PARLIAMENT Crisis in Honduras due to the election of two directors for the Parliament Tegucigalpa (EFE).- The new political crisis that Honduras is experiencing led this Sunday to the election of two boards of directors owned by Parliament, one at the legislative headquarters, and another on the outskirts of Tegucigalpa, four days before the country’s newly elected president, Xiomara Castro, takes power. The jubilation that Honduras has experienced since November 28 due to the landslide victory of Xiomara Castro, leader of the Libertad y Refundación (Libre, left) Party, with 1.7 million votes, has turned into discontent, repudiation and uncertainty and the hint of outbreaks of violence. The crisis is motivated by divisions among the deputies of Xiomara Castro’s party CORONAVIRUS ========== USA The US anti-vaccines emulate Luther King to demand “medical freedom” Washington (EFE).- The same week in which was celebrated in the United States on Martin Luther King Day, thousands of people opposed to the vaccine mandates and wearing masks in the US emulated the defender of the rights of blacks with a large demonstration this Sunday in Washington to demand “medical freedom”. Coming from all corners of the country and harangued by the most prominent anti-vaccine voices in the US – including Robert F. Kennedy Jr., nephew of President John F. Kennedy and son of Senator Robert Kennedy), the protesters gathered in the downtown National Mall of the American capital. PROTESTS About 70 arrested after protest in Brussels against covid restrictions Brussels (EFE).- Some 70 people were arrested at the demonstration this Sunday in Brussels against the health restrictions adopted by the pandemic, in which, according to the police, 50,000 and a half people participated million according to the organizers, and which ended with riots and scenes of violence in the European quarter. Although the march itself was calm, this fifth and most popular demonstration of those called in the last two months in Brussels for the same reasons ended with riots in the Centennial Park and in surrounding streets, where the main buildings are located. of the European institutions. At the end of the act there were clashes between the protesters and the police, with the result of at least three officers and twelve protesters injured, although not seriously, according to the Brussels police. RUSSIA Russia registers a new maximum of covid-19 infections, with more than 60,000 cases Moscow (EFE).- Russia registered 63,205 new covid-19 infections in the last twenty-four hours, a new maximum since the outbreak of the pandemic, which It comes amid the spread of the omicron variant across the country, local authorities reported. Despite the increase in infections in recent days, the downward trend in deaths caused by the infectious disease continues -679 in the last day- which exceeded a thousand for several months. The Government announced this week that its institutions return to teleworking, as in March 2020, in an attempt to stop the advance of the new wave of coronavirus. ————- SYRIA JIHADISTS Kurds control IS prison in Syria after 4 days of clashes and 200 deaths Cairo (EFE).- The Democratic Syrian Forces (FSD), an alliance led by Kurds, managed to control after four days of clashes a prison for jihadists of the Islamic State (IS) in northeastern Syria, where two riots took place that resulted in more than 200 deaths, in what is considered the largest operation of the group in the country since 2019. “Now the situation is under the control of our forces, which have begun a massive purge,” the FSD announced in a statement in which they assured that they had deployed some 10,000 troops to retake the Geweran prison, located in the city of Al Hasakah. The source assured that since the first mutiny took place last Thursday, 27 of its fighters and more than 175 IS members have died in the clashes. ARMENIA CRISIS The Armenian President Armen Sarkisian resigns Tbilisi (EFE).- The President of Armenia, Armen Sarkisian, announced this Sunday his resignation for lacking the power to influence the country’s domestic and foreign policy. “We are living in a reality (…) in which the president cannot veto laws that he considers inconvenient for his people and the state,” Sarkisian, appointed by Parliament in March 2018, said in a message posted on the website of the Armenian Presidency. The resignation of the 68-year-old president comes amid tensions with the government led by Prime Minister Nikol Pashinián, whom Sarkisian urged to leave power after the country’s defeat in the Nagorno-Karabakh war with Azerbaijan. PERU REFERENDUM Castillo says that Peru “needs to be refounded” and defends constitutional reform Lima (EFE).- The president of Peru, Pedro Castillo, affirmed this Sunday that “the country needs to be refounded in the face of an obvious crisis,” criticizing that Congress opposition has approved a law to limit the call for a referendum on issues of constitutional reform. Through his Twitter account, Castillo stated that “we will not allow the political participation of Peruvians to be violated, underestimating, conditioning and subjecting their will to the mercy of the sole opinion of Congress.” The head of state pointed out that Congress “with the aim of attacking the popular will, approved a law that mutilates the right to a referendum and calls for a Constituent Assembly.” COLOMBIA CONFLICT Colombia begins electoral year with 9 murders of social leaders and massacres Bogotá (EFE).- To the murder of nine social leaders at the beginning of the electoral year, a series of massacres has been added in Colombia that show a “degradation of violence “, as various organizations warned this Sunday. The figures for 2021, although lower than those for 2020 in terms of murders of social leaders, continue to alert, especially in the case of massacres, which were higher than those of 2020 and 96 were committed with 335 victims. This year the same trend follows: in 20 days 10 massacres have been committed, according to the Indepaz organization. BURKINA FASO MUTINY The Government of Burkina Faso imposes a curfew after the military mutiny Ouagadougou (EFE).- The Government of Burkina Faso imposed a night curfew this Sunday after a day of great tension in which shots were recorded in several military barracks in the country, the result of an alleged mutiny to demand improvements for the Armed Forces. The curfew, which was announced to the population through RTB public television, will be extended to the entire territory between 8:00 p.m. (same GMT time) this Sunday and 5:30 a.m. Monday. The government of Roch Marc Christian Kaboré – the president of Burkina Faso since the end of 2015 – thus seeks to maintain control of the situation in the country. MALI TERRORISM A UN base in Mali attacked with mortar fire Bamako (EFE).- The UN mission in Mali (Minusma) received a mortar attack this Sunday at its base in Menaka, in the north of the country, without So far, no possible victims have been reported. Security sources and Minusma explained to Efe that the camp was the target of several mortar rounds at 5:00 p.m. local time (5:00 p.m. GMT). after on Saturday the camp of the French anti-terrorist mission Barkhane in Gao, located about 300 kilometers from Menaka, received another similar one also with mortar shots, which caused the death of a Gallic soldier and wounded nine others. USA SHOOTING Four dead in a shooting in California (USA) related to gangs Washington (EFE).- Four people have died and one has been injured in a shooting at a home in Inglewood, south of Los Angeles (California, USA), in an event that could be related to criminal gangs in the area. According to data published by the Los Angeles Times, the shooting occurred at dawn on Sunday. Three people died on the spot and two wounded were taken to hospital, where a fourth victim died. The survivor, according to ABC, has a record and belongs to a gang in the area. int-mmg/amd/ics

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