Jail for alias Mello Cote, one of the most wanted men in Atlántico

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The Attorney General’s Office announced that a prosecutor from the Homicide Unit of the Atlantic Sectional prosecuted Jose David Guzman Cote, aka Mello Cote. The defendant was captured in search and search proceedings by uniformed National Police officers, identified as possibly responsible for the crimes of aggravated homicide and illegal weapons.

Mello Cote was identified through photographic reconnaissance and information from witnesses, as the alleged perpetrator of several crimes. In this sense, the accusatory body reported that the investigative work made it possible to determine that the defendant would be involved in at least four homicides and one attempted homicide, recorded between 2021 and 2022.

But this is not all: the accused offender was in the department most wanted men poster for that high-impact crime, since he would be a member of the hitman wing of the Los Costeños criminal gang.

“One of the cases that is clarified with his prosecution would be that of Deibinson Enrique Guette Hernández, who was attacked with a firearm in Carrera 8 with Calle 74, El Bosque neighborhood, on January 10,” the Prosecutor’s Office reported in a statement. release.

In the same way and in relation to said case, it was learned that Guzmán Cote was apparently the one who shot him and then fled in a car. It is worth mentioning that although the victim was transferred to a nearby health center, he arrived without vital signs.

That was how, after endorsing the material evidence and the forceful arguments of the accusing entity, the judge with functions of control of guarantees sheltered alias Mello Cote with an intramural security measure, for which he was transferred to a penitentiary center. Within the framework of the concentrated hearings, the 22-year-old investigated did not acquiesce to the charges filed by the prosecutor.

When the Metropolitan Police of Barranquilla carried out 11 raids to capture 13 members of the criminal gang Los Costeños, last October 2021, Witchcraft and Santeria rituals carried out by the alleged members of the network to avoid being caught by the authorities were exposed.

This was announced by Brigadier General Luis Carlos Hernández, commander of the branch, who stressed that the captures were the product of 48 hours of work in the street and 11 months of special investigation.

“We have thirteen arrests and a precise blow is given to the delinquency that used Santeria. Many of these people used it and called it ‘the prayer of the holy judge’, where they mentioned that the authority or the Police did not come to capture them because they were protected,” said the uniformed officer in an official speech.

The operation, deployed in Barranquilla, Soledad and Malambo, managed to publicize the beliefs of the criminal group dedicated to crimes related to homicide, extortion, conspiracy to commit a crime, drug trafficking and armed robbery. In the diligence, spaces of rites with various substances necessary to do witchcraft were evidenced.

Salts, essences, incense, candles, cigarettes, powders, a figure of death, a horseshoe and what would be an object that alludes to a head with a feather on the crown are some of the elements that can be detailed. A notebook with a writing entitled ‘Shanpó’ in an unreadable language was also found.


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