Heilbronn plant Ladesäulen-Offensive

Residents of apartment buildings in particular should also benefit from the further expansion of the charging infrastructure. These usually do not have private charging solutions at their place of residence. “It is important that charging stations can be reached on foot in the future,” says Jens Boysen, deputy head of the Roads Office.

So far there are 188 publicly accessible normal charging points and 18 quick charging points in Heilbronn. For further expansion, the city expects costs of 10,000 to 12,000 euros per column, including civil engineering work. The state is currently promising a subsidy of 75 percent of the eligible investment costs plus a flat rate for planning costs. Thus, the city’s own contribution would amount to around 125,000 to 150,000 euros per year.

While the city finances the pillars from its own funds and subsidies and thus remains the owner, it wants to have the construction carried out by a partner. This then also acts as the operator of the columns. A renewed cooperation with Stadtwerke Heilbronn, which already operates several charging stations for the city, is conceivable.

Special usage fee is waived

By amending the special usage fees, the city wants to give the operators of e-charging stations investment security. So far, a special usage fee of 200 euros per year has been due for each charging station with two charging points, but these fees are to be partially eliminated in the future.


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