Former Bolivian anti-drug chief arrested accused of links to drug trafficking

The Bolivian police arrested Maximiliano Dávila, who in 2019 was the anti-drug chief of former President Evo Morales, under accusations of illicit enrichment and links to drug trafficking.

“Last night, Maximiliano Dávila was arrested when he had the objective of crossing into Argentina, within the criminal process opened against him for the alleged crime of legitimizing illicit profits and others,” the Minister of Government said at a press conference. (Interior), Eduardo del Castillo.

Dávila was arrested in the southern town of Villazón, on the border with Argentina, and transferred by land to the city of La Paz, where he was presented this Sunday.

“We are aware of different reports where Mr. Dávila would be involved in illicit enrichment and certain links with drug trafficking,” explained the Minister.

The authority explained that as part of this investigation, four buildings were raided in the cities of Cochabamba and Santa Cruz, where computers, vehicles, documentation, money and a shotgun were seized.

Dávila, a retired police colonel, served in 2018 as National Director of Intelligence and in 2019 commanded the Special Force to Fight Drug Trafficking.

In his first declaratory session, Dávila made “use of his constitutional right to remain silent,” explained the prosecutor in the case, Lupe Zabala.


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