Dutch tourist arrested for giving Nazi salute at Auschwitz

Krakow (Poland), Jan 24 (EFE).- A 29-year-old Dutch citizen was arrested and fined for making the Nazi salute in front of the gate of the Nazi death camp at Auschwitz, in southern Poland. As reported this Monday in a statement Bartosz Izdebski, head of the press office of the Auschwitz Memorial Museum, the events took place on Sunday, when the tourist asked her husband to take a photo of her at the gate of the camp while making the greeting Nazi. The police arrested both people and took them to the police station in the town of Oswiecim (south), where the district attorney fined the woman and questioned her companion. According to the tourist’s statement in court, her gesture was “a stupid joke”, which she said she regretted, and agreed to pay the fine imposed on her. In Poland, publicly exalting any totalitarian ideology or displaying symbols and gestures related to them can lead to up to two years in prison. In 2013, two Turkish tourists were caught at the so-called “death gate” of Auschwitz in a situation similar to that of the Dutch couple, and on that occasion a court sentenced them to six months in prison, in addition to a fine. Likewise, in 2019 the management of the Camp Museum asked visitors not to take frivolous photos of themselves walking on the rails of the road that leads to Auschwitz and recalled in a message on social networks that “there are better places to learn to do balances that the site that symbolizes the deportation of hundreds of thousands of people to their deaths”. In December 2021, the Auschwitz leadership condemned in other messages the parallels between “the tragedy of the people who were victims of pseudo-medical experiments” in the Nazi death camp and “the debate about vaccines, the pandemic and those who fight to save human lives”. “It is disrespectful to the victims and a sad symptom of intellectual and moral decadence,” the Museum published on its social networks. It is estimated that around one million people, mostly Jews, were killed in the Nazi camp of Auschwitz-Birkenau between 1942 and 1945. EFE mag / cph / mj


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